A ‘Dirty Schism’ in Germany? As Synodal Way Nears Conclusion, Lay Group Warns

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The author seems to have forgotten to include the promises of Jesus about the Church and the fact that synodality does not mean that each synod has the final say in any changes. It’s a piece that’s better suited to the likes of sites like Church Militant, Lifesitenews, The Remnant etc.

I think the author’s intent was to show how these German bishops and like minded clergy are actively trying to undermine Church teaching and doctrine.

Even if they don’t get the “final say” on these proposed changes, it’s troubling that they seem to operate without any formal condemnation from Rome. Especially in light of what transpired after Pope Francis felt the need to address the issues between the Novus Ordo and the TLM in Traditionis custodes.

I don’t know what you meant to imply by stating that this piece is better suited for another site, but stories like this need to be brought to light. If Pope Francis wants to give the impression that his end game is the unification of the Church, then his focus can’t be just on issues of the Mass and the obedience of “traditional” Catholics.

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My view which is a big picture view but also just my humble opinion, is that the German Church has taken up the challenge of listening to the faithful especially the traditionally marginalised, and creating a conversation for the universal Church to have. There’s no getting away from the fact that there have been a lot of forces resisting implementation of the ‘apostolate of the laity’ envisioned by Vatican II APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM. I think there’s absolutely a proper place for the New Beginnings movement in all of this to be tempering voice. But just as long as they aren’t fundamentalists who resist the apostolate of the laity.

The glaring difference is that the German Church is taking on the VII challenge whereas the traditional movement has represented rejection of VII. I think that it ironical that the vocal ‘rad trads’ are technically more schismatic than the radical Germans and the subtext of the article shows that.

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