A Filipino Looking for Good Prayers for the Dead

Hello, this Sunday we are holding a get together to pray for my deceased grandfather, and since we haven’t been able to get any Priest to help us out with it, my family was asking if I could lead it. We’re Filipino, but I’m not so familiar with the whole praying for the dead and the whole 40 days custom in the Philippines. Could you guys help out with directing me to some resources that will help instruct me how to do it as well as the prayers necessary for it. Thanks.

Bump for all who know~

Here’s a document about the tradition

Here’s a document that appears to have the prayers. The first 9 nights you just do a rosary, then for 31 nights you do these prayers. Hope this helps. It seems like a nice tradition.


Here is a prayer over the sacred place of burial used in Ireland from ancient times. It’s a prayer against evil spirits and a blessing upon the place of rest. I know it becuase it was written in my family Bible by my great grandmother.

“Depart thee O evil from this place,
If thou wouldst fly up to heaven
Thou shalt have no wings,
If thou wouldst lurk in ambush on earth,
Thou shalt secure no resting-place.
Unto the man, the son of his God–come not nigh,
Get thee hence!
Place not thy head upon his head,
Place not thy hand upon his hand,
Place not thy foot upon his foot,
With thy hand touch him not,
Turn not thy back upon him,
Lift not thine eyes against him,
Look not behind thee,
Gibber not against him,
Into the house enter thou not,
Through the fence break thou not,
Into the chamber enter thou not,
In the midst of the city encircle him not,
Near him make no circuit;
By the words of Jesus
May the man, the son of his God,
Become pure, become clean, become bright!”

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Divine Mercy Chaplet

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Thanks, I’ll use that one over the family graves, being Irish.
I wish I’d had it together to pray for 40 nights when my parents passed. Unfortunately when my father died I spent a lot of the ensuing nights getting drunk and when my mother died I was just kind of semi-functional for a while. I did get Masses said for them so I hope that made up for it.

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I hope you find the prayer helpful. I, too, pray it over the graves of my loved ones. I wish I had it in Gaelic but my great grandmother only wrote it in English likely so we might more easily use it.

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No prayer suggestions but I want to express my sympathy to you and your family.

Thanks for all of your contribution and expressions of sympathy. I’m glad to say that everything went well. My folks ended up getting a Priest to help us out with it, so it was a huge relief.


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