A fraudulent bishop from a fake “Catholic” church

Bishop Bryan Ouellette He is using Twitter to promote his ideas that there is no heaven, no hell, no souls, just hear, He says that he is in the Order of the Ecorcists anc he is an exorcist and a Bishop in his church The Holy Nickoleon Catholic Church, he received training from Ron Feyl and was ordained by Mansell Christian who is a kick boxer. He has appeared on Ghost Adventures as s Catholic Bishop and also in Rolling Stone magazine. He had a good following of younger followers that think he walks on water. I don’t think he was ever a priest nod trained, he’s in it for money, tax benefits and attention. He is not a good person, His Church was crested out of nowhere in 2015 in Georgia But with a Connecticut phone number attached. Also, married with a son! Scam or not??

You’d better edit your thread title. If this person is as you describe, he is not a bishop. He would not even be clergy.

Look, everybody since the so-called reformation wants to use the word “Catholic”. In most cases, they are simply mistaken. This fellow may not even be Christian.

As it was with the Wizard of Oz, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”


But, that’s exactly my point! How is anyone supposed to know unless someone who knows for sure enforces it and puts out some statement to his followers,these are teens and late teens! I’m in my 40’s and believed it, he has a church website

The man is obviously a fraud. That’s why the thread title needs editing to reflect that. His claims and behavior make that obvious.

And, social media is a sewer. If we jumped on every rumor or allegation that was posted, we’d have no time to breathe.

There’s a fellow in Spokane, Washington who claims to be the true Pope. I was going to head on over and have a beer with him, just to check him out…

Some things are best ignored.


He basically founded his own “church,” not in communion with anything, self appointed himself as Bishop and has somehow weaseled his way into shows representing Catholics. Huge fraud.


So, you change it. Thanks. I can’t believe he has 6000 people believing he is this super exorcistvsnd no All Catholic! I hate to see anyone damaged spiritually! Can anyone do an exorcism?z

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I saw that Ron Feyl has a lot of write ups on him and I think they are partners of some sort!

Scammy weirdos do scammy weirdo things. I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

He is profiting off of this lie! In addition, he’s filling people ‘s heads with with false truth about God and Jesus. And, when someone calls him on it, he banishes them! I wish I could find out his education, he’s a bragger. When you’re old like me you run out of patience for these kind of vermin…

I’m not saying he’s not a dirtbag. I’m just saying life is too short for you to get worked up over every dirtbag who comes along. Scammers like this have been around forever, and they’ll still pop up long after we’re both dead.


I just don’t know what the world has come to when you can make your own fake church, seems like it should be against the law.

U.S. law deals with secular matters. What a fake church is is a religious matter. Plus, who says what a fake church is? Most U.S. politicians are Protestant. They’d say the Catholic Church is fake. For that matter, let’s stop false religions and bye bye, non-Christians. That doesn’t make what the guy did right, but explains why it ain’t illegal.

It’s very legal to start a church.

You really want the government dictating what religious organizations can exist? You want the US government deciding what churches are “real” and which are “fake”? That’s pretty dangerous.

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Sometimes men like Mr. Ouellette overstate their number of followers wildly. I’m not sure I believe it either.

I don’t know if Ouellette is just in it for the money and attention, or if he truly believes in it himself. Personally I think most of your successful cult leaders really start believing in their mission. Living a lie, something they really don’t believe in, is too tough to sustain for a long period of time.

I see what you are trying to say, but he’s a doin exorcisms and saying he’s Catholic. That’s what I meant.

There many who consider all religions fake, outlawing one sets a dangerous precedent for our own church to be legislated against.

I was talking about the 6000 Twitter followers, you can see them. It’s not quite there but close!!

Yes sir, that’s a good point.

I haven’t seen the shows you mentioned, but his website was pretty clear that his Holy Nicholean Catholic Church was not in communion with Rome. That, to me, puts it along with Old Catholic and Polish National Catholic in that the name uses “Catholic” while making clear it ain’t Catholic.

So do you tell anyone or not and if so who and what do you say?