A question related to what might be nominalism in religion

Does anyone think that the people who say that they are adherents of a particular religion but do not practise or even consider (or even know) some of the teachings in a religion can be considered nominalists?.Like I mean people who when you ask them what religion they adhere to they just say “Christian” even though they might have virtually no knowledge of Christianity and have no concern with religion.Another question of mine is what would you call the beliefs of a person if even though they might have a concept and believe in theism (to some extent1) yet essentially all their concerned about is the imeediate world and this reality?.Would they be humanists?,even though (I think) humanists at least believe and emphasis bringing about human hapiness,rights for humans to have freedom and give meaning to there own lives2.I’m asking this because it seems to me at least like a really common phenomenom in developed Western society.Thank you very much so for your time.

*1 I guess this might at least put them in the category of agnostics
*2 which is something these people might not *neccesarily *do