A sad piece of Canadian history

I find it so contradictory that a man who was imprisoned in the War for being a Jew could be instrumental in making abortion legal. And to think Canada gave him an award, makes me ashamed of my passport. I will pray for this man’s soul


I absolutely agree with you on the first sentence.

It boggles my mind that someone who takes away life can be called a “Doctor”? :shrug: :confused:

However, Anglewannabe don’t be ashamed of your passport you do not support or endorse this man nor do you support abortion.

I, myself am Canadian and in no way do I support abortion as a matter of fact I’ve never even heard of Dr. Henry Morgentaler until I clicked on a link on MSN as soon as I saw he was a pro abortionist advocate I didn’t bother reading it.:frowning:

I will definitely Pray for Dr. Henry Morgentaler soul and for all who is mourning his loss.

From what I’ve read about him, I think Morgentaler’s death camp experience had everything to do with his later attitudes about abortion. He came to the mistaken conclusion that the worst people of this world (the kind who would run Nazi concentration camps) must have been unwanted in their families. He thought that eliminating the unwanted children of this world before they were born would make the world a better place. I was pretty young during his heyday, but I seem to remember him saying that unwanted children were better off not being born than having to grow up with abuse and neglect and then in turn become abusers or a problem in society.

As much as I disagree with his views, I think Morgentaler was basically well-intentioned, but he paved the way for the truly amoral/psychopathic abortionists, such as Gosnell.

Interesting, please pass on any links so I can read up

I guess that just goes to show that he never asked God to help him forgive. Nor did he (years after the war) learn compassion that most Nazi just cooperated out of fear for themselves

Thankyou to the OP .

I didn’t know he had died . . . only that so many had died by his hand.

However he may have tried to justify the killing in his own mind, now he knows it was all abhorrently wrong.

But thanks to the spineless closemindedness of our Supreme Court justices - who from the outset of his onslaught against little Canadians in the womb, and who,even today remain in the dark ages out of fear (often hidden under the guise of political correctness), even though Henry Morgentaler has left this earth , his legacy of death continues. Rather a fortuitous parallel stated in the previous post that the nazis also " just cooperated out of fear for themselves .":hmmm:

I won’t burn my own passport just yet . But when I hear someone say, “Canada is a great place to live” , in my mind these words always echo loudly in response ; " Indeed . . . a great place to live - assuming we all make it out of the womb ! " Our country continues to slay approximately 2,000 little ones in the womb every week . . . and it is all amoral and psychopathic - the only real difference is that Gosnell’s abortions sometimes involved the distance of a few more inches - where the horror was unmasked for all to see - exposed outside as opposed to inside the womb.

Exorcists such as Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer ,confirm that the very nature of abortion is demonic .

Modern medical science cries out today that abortion is killing , but politicians, judges and pro abortionists stick their fingers in their ears.

That being said ,Anglewannabe and gofogoal definitely have the best response - to pray for Morgentaler’s soul. I think I’ll share in that response after this post.:thumbsup:

Despite the evil of abortion, we can never underestimate God’s mercy and love for each one of us. We have one of the more prominent examples of God’s desire to save the soul of an abortionist in the former leading abortionist of Belgrade - Stojan Adasevic .

By his own estimate , Stojan Adasevic says he personally aborted between 48,000 and 62,000 babies in the womb. Yet our Blessed Lord still granted him a deep conversion - despite all of it : Abortionist turned pro-life apostle ;The true story of Stojan Adasevic .

That was a real dark day in 2008 when some members of the government successfully and secretly prepared to -]confer/-] unleash our country’s highest civilian honour - The Order of Canada on Morgentaler .

The Archbishop of Montreal at that time , Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte , who had already been awarded the same Order of Canada , upon learning that Morgentaler had received it , promptly sent his Order of Canada medal back to the government, as did some other conscientious recipients : CNA , Cardinal returns Order of Canada medal to the Canadian government