Abortion Practitioner Killed Seven Babies With Scissors

Abortion Practitioner Killed Seven Babies With Scissors

Today, abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell was charged with murder in the death of a woman from a botched abortion, but the charges also include seven horrifying cases of infanticide.


I’m actually watching this on the local news right now. I’m in disbelief.

Absolutely horrid. Makes you sick to your stomach when you hear about these things. That there are actually “doctors” trained to save lives, actually destroy them by the most hideous means. :crying:

Those poor babies are certainly in heaven.

I just saw this on the news. I am numb. The news report said his mantra was “keep the volume high and ignore the law”. They found jars of aborted babies and fetus parts in the “clinic”.

How do you look yourself in the mirror? How do you sleep at night? How will you stand before God?

To add to it, this horror will be all over our local news here long after it fades from the national scene.

Can we all say a prayer for the babies and their mom’s tonight?