Abortion Question

How do you respond to someone who argues that the woman is being in a way punished for an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy? They throw out examples like the costs of taking care of a child and the strain it has on the usually single mother. I’ve even seen the accusation that pro-lifers abandon these children and the mothers once the child in born and that pro-lifers have no idea what its like to be in that situation. I know it could be just some person spouting off radical views but an answer would be nice, just in case.

It is a myth that those who are pro life care only about the unborn and nothing when they are born. There are all kinds of shelters and programs developed by caring pro lifers in every community I have been in. It is an argument put forth to make themselves feel better for killing the innocent.

There is such a thing as taking responsibility for ones actions. It is a pity that a life would ever be considered a punishment. There is always adoption so a woman may chose to raise her child or not.

Destroying unique human beings is not the answer. Here is a video that will help you answer those type of questions: CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

First everyone should be taught that sex=baby. Anytime a fertile male and female engage in sex they should understand that they should have a plan for any pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a punishment but an effect of an activity. Telling people that contraceptives protect them is a lie.

However, once a woman finds herself pregnant she should be counseled in order to help her make a decision as to whether to keep the child and raise it or to place the child with an adoptive family.

Personally, I feel most single mothers should seriously consider adoption. Raising a child alone is extremely difficult. It’s hard on the mother and hard on the child. What should be considered first is what is best for the child. What loving mother wouldn’t want what is best for her child?

I tell them she’s not being punished; she’s having to face the results of her own actions. I think it’s ludicrous that so many in our society now believe that they should be allowed to frolic through life completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions. When B follows A, it’s not a punishment; it’s a logical conclusion. We’re doing a disservice to people to allow them to believe otherwise.

As for the hogwash that pro-lifers are unconcerned with a baby once it leaves the room, the facts say otherwise. The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization on the planet. That simply wouldn’t be the case if their concern ended outside the womb. And from a personal point of view, I have a family member who’s a single mother. My most liberal, pro-abortion relatives (the ones who are quickest to make the argument that pro-lifers don’t care about the baby after it’s born) are the last people on earth who would ever lift a finger to help her, regardless of how tiny a favor is being asked. We’re nowhere near as well off as them and have more kids than the rest of them combined, but we’re also one of the first ones to volunteer help when she needs it. We’ve given a substantial amount of time and financial assistance to her over the years, while they’ve given her the cold shoulder.

That and i would throw in , that we live in a world where people like Freud have put into societies head that if you are not having sex, something is wrong with you.

then on top of that, well wait a minute if heterosexuals have sex that makes a baby, well here are some contraceptives just in case, be safe and good luck.

what kind of backwards logic is that , one would think that if one wants to avoid stds, and getting pregnant simply do not have intercourse or be involved in any form of sexual activity, but wait, we cant because remember someone with a degree said not having sex means something is wrong with you.

so now we have created a circle that is hard to get out of, how do we convince a society that has been brain washed that there is nothing wrong with not having sex ?

That infact it is something to cherish and respect.

How do you break the mold , I mean we do not need the government to end abortion, to over simplify the issue it is supply and demand, take one or the other away and abortion is over.

So there are hard things to address, rapes do occur, and probably women have become pregnant due to a rape…

how do we as Christians reach these women to not damn this child, concieved in the most horrible form of theft…

Then life is starting to immitate art, watch the movie Gattaca, where society discards infants whom inherit disease and it is figured out in the childs DNA , this concept is takeing shape to a degree and there are topics out there in the world on medical advances to see if an infant would inherit certain diseases…

So how do we as Christians reach couples or women who find out or know they will have a child with a birth defect ?

what isn’t working is preaching to them about how they are damning themselves, how they are KILLING innocent beings.

So if there are services, basically after care for single women with new born children, how do we get that information to them, because i would wager a guess not many know, they just assume it is the end,they cant afford a baby, they can barely take care of themself how will they support a baby ?

But we cant just keep helping and helping the same people who come in time and again with a baby, at some point dont we demand that hey the help is here but not for someone who is abusing the system. how does one address that ?

How do we reach people that see that people who rely on government welfare figure out, if they have a child, they get more money ?

Those are my abortion questions.

I simply open my wallet and show them a picture of my adopted son and explain that BOTH his birthmom AND mine could have easily chose abortion but instead chose to give us each a chance in life and we were adopted by wonderful famililes.,

then i usually say that it’s actually the child who is being punished/blamed by not having a chance to make a difference in this world.

i have one co-worker who is “strict Baptist Christian” (her term) yet she is definitely pro-abortion and she says it’s because she witnessed a woman in the hospital once who was a victim of incest be pregnant and give birth. when i asked what became of the baby she says “well i think it was adopted, but she should have never had to go through it”.

i hate that people can come up with a reason to take an already terrible situation and use it to justify murder. if that’s the case, who is to decide at what point it’s ok to ‘take out’ other populations- because of intractable illness, crime, etc.???

A huge problem is that people act like adoption doesn’t exist, or that nobody is willing to adopt infants. They have problems finding homes for older children, yes, but there is a long waiting list for people to adopt infants, even those with disabilities.

I think people need to get the information out there about adoption. Teach people to be selfless, give their child a home with a loving mother and father in a stable, married, home environment.

I am not a fan of the welfare system allowing more money for people who get pregnant. I understand getting aid if you really need help, but once you’re on aid you need to be responsible and not have more children until the time comes (if ever) when you can afford to take care of all your children plus the new baby. I heard of situations where the mom’s boyfriend knocked up her 13yo daughter so they could get more money. Something tells me they need CPS to come out and investigate these people, maybe all the kids need to find new homes at least temporarily. These parents care more about money than trying and getting their life together.

I totally agree. I have been a volunteer at one such crisis pregnancy center. There are educational videos, new baby layettes, counseling that includes information about adoption, maternity clothes for the mother, clothes for babies and toddlers up to five years of age, information about education, and the list goes on. The mother is certainly cared for and helped in many ways.

I was always taught that a big part of being a good person is taking responsibility for your actions.