ACLU, gay groups file motion to force Medicare to fund sex-change operations

ACLU, gay groups file motion to force Medicare to fund sex-change operations

It looks like the Obama Administration, through regulatory fiat rather than by statute, might be ramming this down the throats of the American taxpayers.

I would be surprised if as many as 0.01% of Americans are aware this is going on.

How do we get the Catholic clergy involved – as to informing, teaching, and rallying?

If it’s not treating an illness (physical pain, life-threatening problems), it shouldn’t be covered. Such a waste of money.

A sex change after 65? :eek:

Well, at least by then your real genders hormones are depleted enough you won’t need to take handfuls of pills, just a dozen or so.

Curious how CMS would define “medical necessity” for geriatric sex changes. :shrug:

Agreed! This is ridiculous:eek:

I’m all for someone wanting a sex change no matter what age they are at. But if it’s at my and all other tax payers expense I say that’s just lunacy. It’s just like when tax payers were forced to pay for a convicted murderers sex change Insane!

LGBT :shrug: It will get worse. Just wait and see. Or, wait…maybe not just wait and see, but pray and try to act as well :o

You know, this goes against Christian teaching. A Catholic must learn, understand, and support what the Church teaches on matters of faith and morals. I suggest, if you support this idea (as I seem to understand), that you refrain from discussing this publicly until you have spoken about it with your confessor.

Medicare pays for Viagra which isnt neccesary. If I had medicare it would of payed for my kidneystone smasher surgery that in the grand scheme of things isnt needed for my physical survival. Seeing that survival isn’t the end all be all criteria, I think it should cover sex changes. It will relieve worse mental anguish and heartache than the kidneystone pain Ive experienced from 40+ kidneystones.We are not mere survivalists here trying add years to life, but also life to years also.

Ok, but why should we be forced to pay for it though?

Will it, truly? I disagree.

Viagra and kidney stone treatments both treat pathology. So called sex change surgery does not.

Well, there would also be those on Social Security Disability who receive Medicare. I can just picture how this will work. “X” persuades a shrink that he/she is “disabled” from working because he/she is “trapped in the wrong body” and is psychologically disabled from it. He/she gets SSD and Medicare, then has the very expensive treatments paid, which was the objective all along.

Obama has probably already polled this and asked Planned Parenthood and George Soros what their positions are on it.

I know from seeing the results in front of my own eyes time and time again.

Same reason anything else would get paid for.:mad::mad:

So you believe in forcing taxpayers to pay for things that they find morally wrong? By the way, paying for a sex change operation is different than helping someone pay for their chemo treatments…

Its not Immoral. I personally know a case where it prented a suicide.

That’s your opinion. My opinion is different than yours. Why should those people who feel differently than you be forced to pay for it?

CCC opinion…“tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”


May I vomit now? :mad::frowning:

But seriously, the “gay rights” activists accuse us of shoving our agenda down their throat but look what they are doing! Granted, this article is not a good example of that but the one on eHarmony most certainly is!