Activists call for Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin over homophobic tweets

Fox News:

Activists call for Capital One to drop Alec Baldwin over homophobic tweets

A coalition of leading gay and straight activists are calling for Capital One to part ways with spokesman Alec Baldwin following his homophobic Twitter rant directed at a reporter.

“We urge all Americans to ask themselves, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets,” Jimmy LaSalvia, gay conservative strategist and GOProud co-founder, told

Baldwin has apologized for the tweets directed at reporter George Stark who wrote a story claiming the actor’s wife, Hilaria Thomas, was tweeting during the funeral of Soprano’s star James Gandolfini.

“My ill-advised attack…had absolutely nothing to do with issues of anyone’s sexual orientation,” Baldwin said in a statement sent to the gay rights group GLAAD on Friday. “As someone who fights against homophobia, I apologize.”

But an apology from the actor is not enough according to John Hawkins, who works with LaSalvia at

“It’s still a free country and Alec Baldwin can do as much gay bashing as he likes on Twitter, but it’s hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman,” Hawkins told “If Capital One is not going to do the right then, then Capital One doesn’t deserve our business.”

It will be interesting to see if Baldwin gets the full Paula Deen treatment. Hey, Alec, have you ever called anyone the “f” word?

This is one of my biggest problems with my community… we as a whole tend to take things too seriously. He wasn’t attacking us, he is one of our supporters, and it gives the gay community the appearance of being up tight, which is exactly the opposite of what we should aim for!

I certainly hope that the “sensitivity” crowd gives him the Full Deen Treatment.

Not that I particularly have an agenda one way or the other for or against Baldwin. But White **Northern **Left-Wing And **Hollywood **should not be treated any differently than White **Southern **Left-Wing And Hot-Lanta.

(On Edit: what is wrong with calling somebody a small branch?)

This is the new face of your “community.” :shrug: Hope you’re proud.

I don’t know if anyone ever watched “Will and Grace”, but they used to call each other “queen”, “homo”, “queer”, Grace was a “fag hag”, etc. So clearly, these words can be used by the gay-friendly community in a joking or even annoyed way non-offensively by a person who condones homosexuality. If Alec Baldwin is a known supporter of the gay community, then his apology for offending anyone should be enough. I agree it was in poor taste and could be considered to be encouraging hate-speech though, especially the comment that went something like “I’d shove my foot up your a** but I’m afraid you’d like it too much.” Yikes.

:rolleyes: Yep, whatever we do, let’s not call that quacking, feathery thing a duck…that’d be WAY too anti-PC.

“Gay” activism is uptight and intolerant of anyone who even slightly disagrees. Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled a bigot. And their intolerance grows as they gain more ground in the world with getting governments to bow down to their demands. The Catholic Church is the forbidden fruit for them since the Catholic Church won’t ever celebrate sin. That’s why they invade and disrupt holy Mass, protest naked in front of the Pope, and burn Vatican flags. For example:

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The whole “LGBT community” is way too uptight about these things. Don’t get me wrong, his tweets were wrong. But seriously, its like they’ll find any excuse to get offended and up in arms.

All they need are some rainbow-colored hoods. :shrug:

Don’t give them anymore ideas!:shrug:

Is this the same Alec Baldwin who talked about stoning Henry Hyde to death and his family? There was nary a peep from the left then. I guess it all depends on which group you’re offending. There is indeed a gay mafia. And while mr Baldwins comments may be unacceptable , I fear for the future of free speech in this country.


If he were a conservative he would already be gone.