Afraid of negative repercussions from impulsive message

Recently, I was unhappy and very lonely. I’ve reached out to people who’ve hurt me in the hopes that they’ll be kind to me again, strictly out of loneliness. So, not loving myself has been a big problem for me.

I have realized the error of my ways and if given the choice, wouldn’t repeat my actions. I am praying for help to feel better, to have more faith in God and to control any impulsive behavior.

I pray that God brings a wonderful new man into my life and for a wonderful, happy and extremely healthy romantic relationship with him. I pray God soon brings to me a true prince, who makes me forget all about any disappointment and hurt I’ve experienced and who loves and respects me and is my best friend. That might sound like a tall order, but I have faith (and I pray for even more faith) that God has many wonderful future plans for me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this - and for all of your prayers. God bless you all.

May the Lord protect you and help you grow in spirit and be happy…
For healing through the Lord…

Our Father, Hail Mary’s, Glory Be, Fatima, AMEN!

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You have given yourself a tall order, but it doesn’t have to be that way and you do not have to be so hard on yourself. For people who have hurt you, I believe you need to back away from them, as for your ex boyfriend the same applies to him if not more so. He sounds like he has alot of issues, why subject yourself to that, especially if any kind of physical abuse was involved. There are plenty of good,decent.kind and caring men out there. Give yourself some time,someone will come along. Let go of the past. Your faith seems strong, stay close to the Heart of Jesus and He will hold you in His embrace. Their are alot of people on this Forum who care, reach out to them, make new friends. I will remember you at Mass this morning and in my prayers. God Bless you::butterfly::butterfly:


Hail Mary,
Full of grace,
The Lord is with Thee.
Blessed art Thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb,
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of death,

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Praying for you to have peace & resolution in your life.

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Your words were very comforting and reassuring. Thank you and God bless you. :pray:t3::innocent:

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I would like to see you free of your unhappiness and the ones who caused you so much hurt. As I said you don’t need people like that in your life, especially your ex. I was in somewhat of a similar situation when I started dating, it was hard but I walked away and never looked back. Then I met my husband…That was it. You are special and cared about, We are here, if you need us just give a holler. May the good Lord be with, stay close to Him::butterfly::butterfly:.


Lord please help Goldensea find the right person. Help her step back and look for a person that is a servant of you and will help spread your good news. Provide her the gift of long time companionship of marriage and bless her so she may have a wonderful and fulfilling family. In Jesus name, Amen!


I am almost in tears at what a nice response that was. Thank you so much.

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It’s ok. We are here for one another and I am glad I saw your post. Don’t cry…I hope to see your posts and please let me know how you are::rose::rose:


I’m praying for you. May God bring the right man into your life.

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Ready for Love

Dear God, I am ready to have a relationship with
a wonderful person, who truly gets me, loves me,
adores me, and is ready to build a life with me. I
know in my heart there is a special person out
there for me.

My name is written across his heart. Please put
me on the right track toward true love, and lead
me to a place of committed love. I am willing
to work on myself and to make myself ready for love.

Please grant me the power to look at love through
spiritual eyes, and to remain sincere about finding
the relationship I have longed for.

Through Christ Our Lord, amen.

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Do you feel a bit better about yourself today? I hope so. You will make it I promise. Stay close to Jesus.:butterfly::butterfly:

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A prayer for your intention

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That you can cope with this situation and avoid it in the future…

Prayers for you…
Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Fatima, AMEN!

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