An Era of Penance and Renewal for the Church

Straight off the bat, I must state that I am all for a synodal Church as the way of the future. The edifice that has sufficiently represented Apostolic tradition in the past, no longer serves the faithful or Christian missionary obligations. Every day you flick on the internet it is obvious that ordinary people long to have a say about just about every issue that arises and … fair enough.

What I lament is the absence of good guidelines/structures to facilitate our Catholic voices which almost inevitably has created a quagmire of indecipherable noise. There’s no recognised podium to serve the quiet, the wise, the prophetic, the gentle, the charisms who have something to contribute. You have to have a gimmick or a created persona, something controversial or offensive to get you heard. Catholics are selling their souls all over the place to be the ‘top voice’ in the quagmire.

Forgotten in the midst of this is that the Church has been shamed and tarnished by dreadful sins committed under her roof. None of us can go forward as missionaries without acknowledging the sins, doing penance for those sins and working towards renewal of the Church.

I would like very much to see the faithful around the world united in this goal trusting in the Holy Spirit who transforms, rather than battling to be seen and heard with this monkey on their backs.

We just come across as hypocrits to be trying so hard to be heard while denouncing all notion of a synodal way forward. We are afflicted by the effects of the sins we need to repent of and be renewed.

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