Anglicans and Episcoplians: what do you call your female clergy?

Do you call them Father? Mother? I’m not trying to poke fun, I’m seriously asking a question. How are they addressed? Why aren’t they called priestesses? To me it seems like it denotes masculinity, and isn’t that taking away from their femininity?

Please don’t erupt in anger. I’m just curious and looking for discussion. :thumbsup:

Pace e Bene

They’re usually called “reverend”.

They are called by their name informally, or more formally, the vicar, or in writing addressed as Reverend.

They are not called priestesses since that term is used for pagan priestesses, and in the English language the female version of certain have negative connotations of inferiority to the male version.

In the Lutheran church they call them Pastor So-and-So just like they do the men.

I assume the Anglicans don’t call their female clergy priestess for the same reason we don’t call a female dr, doctoress, or the same with other similar titles. It’s just a shift in the language as a whole. You also do have to admit that a priestess sounds a bit pagan! :wink:

In my wife and son’s (and soon to be my) Anglican church, they are called mother. Their priests are actually husband and wife so their parishioners call them Father Andrew and Mother Summer respectively.

I think it’s heretical for Anglicans to have female priests. Since when did God ordain women as priests? The Levite priesthood were all men, not females.

Take about liberal theologians.

The concept of having a female priests is Un-Biblical. Not one of the Apostles were female.

Thank God its only in the Anglican and Episcoplians, and not in the Catholic Church.

Your point?

Among the Orthodox Arabs, Greeks, Romanians, etc. the priest’s wife is called a priestess. But since we all have a separate for a Christian priest, it carries no pagan connotations. The Slavs usually call her “Mother” (actually “dear Mother”) or “Lady.”

They’re usually referred to as either Mother or Reverend.

And then there are Anglicans who have no females in sacerdotal garments at all. Such not being validly possible.


Posterus traditus Anglicanus

A relative of mine is an Episcopal priest; the title is Reverend, just like any other clergy, and in direct address, ‘Mother’ is how it’s done, I think.

And why are you trying to start something here? Your implications have nothing to do with the topic. Stay on subject please.

No problem, as long as you do the same in the other threads.

I attend a church of The Anglican Church in America, which is part of the Traditional Anglican Communion, and there are no female priests.


As I said.


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Are you a part of the Anglican communion? I can’t remember if that is the case.

If so, why does the current leadership allow for it, if it’s considered “not being validly possible?”

Pace e Bene

Nope. And that for reasons such as this one. I’m a different sort of Anglican.

If so, why does the current leadership allow for it, if it’s considered “not being validly possible?”

Pace e Bene

The current leadership of the Communion doesn’t recognise that it is not possible. And likely won’t care, if they did. The idea of valid orders being related to the understanding of the undivided Church is not one that weighs heavily upon them.

pax, frater.


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