Another Return to COTT!

Juan Luis Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, Archbishop of Lima, made the following statement:

"The most respectful way of receiving the Eucharist is kneeling and on the tongue. We must recover a sense of respect and reverence due to the Eucharist, because the love to Jesus is the center of our Christian lives. Our souls are at stake."

I love springtime :slight_smile:

Deo Gratias! Brick by brick.

Very good news.

It sort of “ticks me off” when folks make some comment about receiving on the tongue exposing you to H1N1. They seem to think that receiving in the hand is “cleaner”. My question to them is “WHY?”

The priest handles it and has touch how many other folks before you get it; just as he does when placing it on your tongue.

If you are going to get H1N1 you are going to get it. Sure take precautions. Wash often and follow the Doctors orders.

OTT for me or I’ll pass. Wouldn’t want to catch the flu, ya know.

Actually it is very easy to distrubute communion in the hand without touching anyone’s hand. As an EMHC I can’t tell you how many times I have been slurped by people who don’t stick their tongues out enough…and I have heard this from many priest’s as well.