Anybody heard Dr. Ray Guarendi speak?

Has anybody ever been to a seminar/talk given by Dr. Ray? What did you think? What did he talk about? Would you recommend bringing him to your parish?

I’ve never heard him speak in person, just his show in Relevant Radio (The Dr. Is in!), but he’s a great man from what I hear. He speaks in Akron often.

I have heard him speak multiple times and he is an absolutely wonderful speaker. Our parish has had him before and the homeschooling conference that my mom coordinates has had him speak twice. He’s definitely worth it if you can get him.:thumbsup:

I heard him speak at a conference on kids and family and he was delightful. Can’t wait for him to come back to this area!

And I love “walk with God and hold your kids tight by the hand” - this is how he ends his talks and radio show.

oh yeah, he’s a great speaker. He’s very entertaining and has a lot of good ideas to offer.

yes many times in the greater Cleveland area, he conducted parenting sessions at our former parish every few years. I can’t think of a parenting educator I would rate higher.

a lot of my friends who home school have heard him speak. They all love him. If you hae a good sense of humor, you will deffinately like to hear him. he’s funny, witty and has a lot of great information! And he’s not full of a bunch of medical and psycho babble. infact, an alarm sounds if anyone uses psycho bable words on his show :slight_smile:

I’ve heard him. He had us laughing so hard that we were crying. But he weaves gems of insight through his humor that really resonate with me.

If you want to try before you buy, the video tape “You’re a Better Parent Than You Think!” is very similar to the talk that he gave at our church in person.

My husband and I drove over two hours to see him. He was JUST great!! Bought his books and tapes.

What were his topics? From what I’ve heard on his show and read on his website, he has a variety of topics. We had a speaker last year on parenting (can’t remember his name) who was ‘entertaining’ , but there wasn’t much substance. Parents enjoyed it, but the survey aftewards said they would have liked to have gotten some real, practical advice in addition to being entertained.