Are hickeys a sin?

Alot of couple like to give each other hickeys, especially teens. Is it a sin? Nothing ‘vampire’ or ‘cannibal’ related? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just asking

They are sort of gross…even when I was a teenager I thought so-but sinful? No, can’t go that far.


I don’t know about giving/receiving a hickey, but certainly given the right circumstances it can lead to an occasion for serious temptation.

God knows, they are dangerous for they may stimulate cancer. So I was told, maybe i am wrong.

Personally, I would consider biting someone to be a sin, even if you are neither a vampire or a cannibal. Look at it in the context of love. How does breaking the blood vessels on the surface of someone’s skin with your teeth become an act of love? What is it that makes doing any such thing an act of love(it really is not an act of love at all–so the question is rhetorical).
Does giving the one you love a hickey show honor and respect? What are God’s standards for the relationship between a man and a woman? And furthermore, how is the love between a husband and wife more excellent than a mere mating ritual between two animals? Animals bite each other when they mate. Why should a son and daughter of God imitate such behavior?

I think I would be very embarrassed and angry at my husband if I was married and had to go to church or work sporting a hickey on my neck. And if unmarried it would lead most to conclude there has been some sinning going on.

I guess in marriage if it was in a discreet place, and the husband and wife both found a higher level of suction in their kissing agreeable, I wouldn’t think it was inherently sinful.

Well goodness. I gave my husband a hickey a couple of days ago. No biting involved though. You don’t bite to give hickies, as far as I know. It’s more of a powerful kissing/sucking, not biting! Anyway, I consider it a playful act of love. It doesn’t hurt. He does it to me too sometimes. I feel like it shows my love to him, like kissing reeeaalllly hard :slight_smile: But if he didn’t like it, I don’t guess I would do it. It’s an expression of love between us, albeit playful love, still love.

I won’t go into biting during mating, biting is a totally different matter entirely. :slight_smile:

On the original question, I don’t see any purpose of hickies other than sexual, mildly sexual, but sexual. I would not give or receive hickies for any other purpose. I guess if it WASN’T, it wouldn’t be a sin. I vaugely remember playing around with my best friends in middle school trying to figure out hickies, I think we gave ourselves arm hickies. Curiousity.

Well if the purpose is to arouse someone, then it belongs in marriage, and no where else. And since most hickeys are made to arouse people…

I think that it might be a source of scandal…proof that someone was doing something they shouldn’t have been doing.

25 years ago my high school religion teacher had one…very weird…

I’m going to tell you what my mother told me when I was a teenager, regarding hickeys. “If you want to look like a tramp, then hickeys are fine.” Now, I ask, is it a sin to want to look like a tramp? You might as well hang a sign around your neck that says, “I was with a guy last night”. You’re sending a horrible message about yourself and setting a bad example for others.

It may not be considered grave matter, but it’s not very nice. And let’s not forget that this near occasion of sin can VERY EASILY lead to more serious sins, like premarital sex. If you’re in the practice of giving/receiving hickeys, you’re playing with fire.

Just my two cents. No offense. :slight_smile:

hickeys= territorial markings

Sort of like engagement rings? :wink:

LOL, yes, just like them but cheaper.

Tacky to the max. They make girls and boys look cheap and promiscuous. And I would think that yes, that sort of advertising of a level of intimacy that is not appropriate for non-married people (regardless of age) is sinful. It is cause for scandal (how far did they* really* go?), and the damaging of another’s reputation.

So I vote yes - definitely sinful.


Hickies are merely bruises and they do not cause cancer.

Never thought this would be so popular in the States. You gave me some ideas!!! Your fault if my wife scolds me and she is in a high position in society !!!

I think some wear them as a badge of honor, like, “everybody look; I got someone to suck on my neck” as if that were an accomplishment we need to know about.

Far from a prude, I just never saw the point and I thought they look aesthetically ugly. Once I caught a girl trying to give me one and I flipped out. Didn’t get far enough for it to show. Besides, before I met my wife I didn’t want any “territorial” markings on anyway. :rolleyes: Once I did, the ring said it all.