Are we still made in the image and likeliness of God even after the fall?

Are we still made in the image and llikeliness of God, or not anymore (post-apple) ?

If so… wouldn’t that mean that G*d is sinful then, because (most of) humanity is (inherently) sinful? (no blasphemy intended)

You’re looking at it backwards. God is not made in our image, we are made in His.

Think of a mirror and your reflection. Is that reflection you, and are you the reflection? Of course not. The reflection is your likeness, but that reflection is not you. If I take away the reflection, you still exist, but if I take you away, the reflection no longer exists. Now, let’s say the mirror is scratched. The scratched reflection does not cause you to be scratched and have its imperfections. It’s not a perfect example, of course, but I hope it helps make the point. :slight_smile:

Adam and Eve were made in the image and likeness of God when they were created. They were created to be good and holy. We are not created as sinful creatures, but we inherit our sinful nature at the moment we are created. Yet we are still created, each of us, by God, in His image and likeness.


"Thou who didst fashion me of old out of nothingness and with Thy image divine did honor me,
But because of transgressions of Thy commandments didst return me again to the earth from whence I was taken.
Lead me back to be refashioned into that ancient beauty of Thy likeness.

I am the image of Thy ineffable glory, though I bear the scars of my stumblings,
Have compassion upon me, the work of Thy hands O sovereign Lord,
And cleanse me through Thy lovingkindness, and the homeland of my heart’s desire bestow on me,
By making me a citizen of Paradise."

From the Greek memorial service. I hope that’s enough of an explanation.

Lex orandi lex credendi.


Adam and Eve is just a story or allegory, it is not literal

We are all still created in the image and likeness of God. We all have an immortal soul. Through Baptism, we are restored to that original holiness. Our Original Sin is washed away, as well as any Actual Sins we may have committed. But…thanks to Adam and Eve, we still bear concupisience (man’s disordered inclination to sin). That’s why we have Reconciliation. Every time we make a good confession, we are restored back to that original state of grace. But…we don’t live in that all the time. We sin, either mortally or venially. The closer we grow to God, the less we sin mortally. It talkes too much time and effort. Plus, for a mortal sin to be a mortal sin, I have to know it’s a mortal sin before I do it. Since I go to confession about once a month, do I really want to do something I know I will have to confess in a few days? But…even then we still sin venially. Again, that’s why the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Even for venial sins, Reconciliation cleans us. So does Mass. I call daily Mass the great do-over, because I get to start fresh every day, But something happens in Reconciliation that doesn’t seem to happen as deeply during Mass. Maybe because I am taking my sins, even if they are only venial, and bringing them into the light by naming them. I am making the determination to do better. To walk more closely with my God and become more like Him. I am being accountable for my thoughts, words and deeds. The whole point of the Cross is our restoration. Through the Sacraments, we are gently and lovingly restored back to what we were created to be: you and me, in the image and likeness of God.

There is no proof that humans have souls. I know I don’t have one.

Oh, my dearest one, everyone has an immortal soul. It’s just that you may not be aware of it.

Oh, gentle and precious Jesus, pour out on her. Enable her to see. Shine your light so she sees the beautiful, precious daughter of God that she is. Let your gentleness touch the deepest recesses of her heart and soul.

The Lord bless you and keep you!
The Lord let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you!
The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace!
Numbers 7:24-26

Is that not just a Catholic View - there is no evidence for it and trust me - I don’t have one - just flesh and bones me.

And no part of me is immortal - what a horrible thought!

Yes, before and after, though Adam and Eve lost their preternatural gifts and so did their offspring.