Article on Catholic teaching on birth control: "the Church’s constant teaching that it is always intrinsically wrong to use contraception to prevent new human beings from coming into existence.'

The heading of this article is what a Pope said. This article explains why birth control is intrinsically evil as it reveals the Church’s teaching on the matter, and backs this up with history and logic.

I had an Orthodox priest as a professor once, and for some reason, he can agree with every Catholic teaching(to a limited extent), except this one.

This is an outstanding article. It should be read from the pulpit in every Catholic church at least once a year.

I would probably omit the quotes from Luther and (especially) Calvin. Calvin seems to be referring to the idea at the time, that the male issue formed the body of the unborn child — a homunculus — and that the female’s body only acted as a fertile vessel in which the child grew to term. At the time, the concept of ovulation was unknown.

I would also like to have seen a few words about the fearsome consequences of mortal sin of the flesh, which contraception surely is. I cook and bake for my entire family. I find it profitable, when I take a pot off the burner, or when I take a dish out of the oven, to reflect on how hot the oven coils are, and to imagine what mortal sin could be so attractive, what mortal sin would be “so worth it” to live in unrepented, that it would merit this kind of searing heat for all eternity.

People die in their sleep every day of the world.

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