Attacks on Arab Representatives

"The Arabic world has now gotten a taste of al-Qaeda diplomacy over the past week, as Iraq-AQ ringleader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has changed tactics. Instead of just blowing up Iraqis in an attempt to demoralize the populace – a strategy that clearly has backfired – he has now turned his guns and bombs on diplomats posted to Iraq from neighboring Middle East countries:
Gunmen fired on a convoy carrying Pakistan’s envoy to Iraq on Tuesday in the third attack on a senior diplomat in three days, police sources said.

The sources said two cars of gunmen fired at the convoy in the wealthy Mansour district of Baghdad but sped off after guards returned fire. Nobody was reported hurt, they said.

Earlier in the day, Islamist terrorists wounded the envoy from Bahrain in another spray of gunfire. This follows the kidnapping of the Egyptian ambassador on Saturday, demonstrating that Zarqawi has not just declared war on democracy in Iraq, but on the entire Arabic world. The lunatics intend on destabilizing Iraq, and if it can’t terrorize the Iraqis themselves – hardened by Saddam’s decades of torture, rape, and murder – then it will try cutting off the new democratic government from the global community.

It’s difficult to devise a dumber strategy than this, and it reeks of desperation…Zarqawi must know this – he’s crazy, but so far we’ve seen no evidence that he’s stupid. To go out of his way to antagonize countries like Egypt and Bahrain, he must realize that all other options have run their course and have failed…"

It’s all about attacking any progress in Iraq. The thugs can’t let good people win.

This really is a battle against good and evil.