Australian CAFers, if you're near the bushfires, how are you?

Hoping all Aussie CAFers are safe and dealing okay with the fires. I have some relatives living in New South Wales who are affected (but are okay, the last time I spoke with them). How are you all doing?


" 07:16 …By the way, most of Australia is
07:19 constantly on fire. Take a look at this
07:22 map here, City, City, fire as far as the eye
07:28 can see. It’s like that red eye of
07:31 Jupiter but right here on earth. Welcome
07:33 to Australia."

I heard on the 6.00pm news here in New Zealand that the bush was burning, that firefighters had to form a human shield against a rest home that was surrounded by fire, that towns were being abandoned, that 350 schools have closed, 5 are dead, 500 homes are destroyed.

Then the reporter said that Fire and Emergency New Zealand had sent six firefighters to help.

I was silent.

We could only send 6 firefighters to help with this!

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Please don’t be concerned.
We are thankful for the six generous firefighters.
Sadly summer has not yet begun and there are legitimate fears that our Summer season may be a long and terrible one regarding bushfires and willdfires.
Tomorrow has been designated as catastrophic in the particular area you mention.

Other fires in my State continue to cast a smoky pall over the otherwise blue sky, but no one has died, unlike in the fire you mention, where three lives have been lost and, many injured, and 150 houses lost.

My sister and her husband were amongst those fighting fires an hour north of where I live, even as early as October. No rain expected in the near future.
We need rain and lots of it.
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At least in Aussie you actually get a lot of sun…here in NZ it is quite dreary (pouring with rain today) and it’s summer.

It would be better if we swapped weather conditions at the moment, I think!

I hope the fire is put under control…God Bless all the Australian firefighters and the 6 kiwis as well.

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Yes, I love the (usually) blue sky and the warm sun.

However, I read the results of a poll last week regarding which country Aussies would want move to if they had to choose to leave Australia.
The result, overwhelmingly, New Zealand!

Feel free to send some rain! :sun_with_face:

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I’m in the South of Victoria …fire season hasn’t begun yet and its green and lush…the extra growth will create more bulk to fuel fires so it will keep us on alert from here on.
Praying for those up north :pray:


God keep you all safe in your State this summer.


Thank you @Lou2U
And @catholic03
And @Greenfields

@HumbleIOughtToBe … not all of Australia though, thank God.

Here, no fire glow, just a continuing smoke pall. A warning this afternoon to avoid unnecessary smoke exposure.

Australia is around the size of the UnitedStates minus Alaska and most of it still okay, but some of us feel a little anxious about the long Summer.

Unfortunately, in the US, Californians also face to many terrifying and destructive wildfires, and always have my prayers and sympathy at those times … because we Aussies also face them.
.God bless and protect us all from these and other disasters


Thanks for all your replies. I’m glad you’re okay and I hope you’re not too badly affected.

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