Awesome New Apologetics Resource


If you haven’t seen or heard about this yet, you want to check this one out.

350+ downloadable Catholic apologetics pamphlets available for free!

The president, Victor Claveau, has been on Catholic Answers Live a couple of times and he’s known Karl Keating for 20 years, so I hope the moderators will allow this blatant plug for what I think is a great resource for all Catholic apologists.

Hope this helps. :tiphat:

Thanks for the link. Just took a quick scan of an tract on SDAism and liked what I saw. Bookmarked the site and will eventually link to it from mine.

Maybe quick material to hand out to those who come to the door.

I know isn’t it great!
My husband and I print these pamphlets and have them on display at churches including our own, and in a display by our front door!

We have seen people (JWs) take them! We heard of a convention in town and set it up.

Yeah, the tracts are listed here.
That’s gonna be a big help I think.

Hey guys, don’t forget to join!
Thanks Randy!

Thanks so much for this. What a great resource.:slight_smile:

Wow. Thanks a bunch. That site is an apologetics nuclear bomb.

It surprised me to hear JP2’s voice. I miss him so much. I love B16, but I miss JP2.

Thanks, Randy!
I’m printing a pamphlet on Mary right now!


I bookmarked it too.

Victor is a great Catholic and is a nice guy too. I called and talked to him on the phone once he was very friendly and helpful.

He used to own a Catholic book store and wrote about it in an article. I highly recommend his stuff as it is faithful and well written.

I nabbed a few of these from a stand in a Church I visited, they are good.


I bookmarked it earlier today then went back to read it, but was sad to see you have to be a Catholic in order to be a member of the site.

You can still download the tracts in the “Resources” link without having to be a member. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the link! It has now been favourited and I’m beavering away printing copies to photocopy.

God bless!

This is a VERY GOOD find. Apologetics sources are becoming harder to find and some great Apologetics books (like the books of Paul J. Glenn :frowning: and his “machine-gun” strong arguments) however impressive as they are, are undoubtfully becoming rarer and out of print. Many apologetics websites today, I find unreliable.

But just to be safe, are these pamphlets OFFICIALLY true and infallible?

I spoke with Victor by phone a few days ago.

While none of these pamphlets would be considered “infallible” documents, a few may contain the imprimatur and a few were actually written or reviewed by priests and bishops.

Every effort is being made to ensure that the teaching contained in them is faithful to the Catholic Church.

If you have questions about any pamphlet, feel free to email Mr. Claveau or give him a call.

He still answers his own phone. :slight_smile:

Wow, This site is awesome! I’ve already bookmarked it and I’m sure I’ll spend lots of time reading. Thanks!

I bookmarked it as well.

And I was reading the “About Us” page of the website and discovered that the Chaplain of this Society is Rev. Louis Marx. He’s an old family friend of ours. He used to come to dinner at my family’s house every Sunday night after a long day. He was such an awesome priest. He is one of the reasons I got into apologetics.

Dominus vobsicum

Thanks Randy ! :thumbsup:

Bookmarked and downloading as of right now! Go team!

Oh, that’s sports. Hope it’s Ok.


Most of the resources links appeared to be things I already know about such as a link to CAF.

Looks awesome, thanks!!