Bad Baby Bottles? Bisphenol A

The American Chemical Society is reporting recent research on a link between the pollutant chemical bisphenol A and cancer.

This was reported in the Dec 11, 2006 edition of Chemistry and Engineering News, and cites a study in the journal Reproductive Toxicology.

This is not absolutely new news. A google search on bisphenol A will hit stores that sell bisphenol A -free baby bottles.

The replacement bottles are expensive. And, the bigger problem is that bisphenol is all around us anyway, in such things as food can liners and beverage containers.

In one study, the vast majority of a population studied showed detectable levels of bisphenol A in their urine.

bisphenol A is similar in structure to a form of synthetic estrogen.

The google search will also list technical articles about the suspicion about this chemical.

Like I say, even if somebody got the replacement baby bottles, the stuff is still around all of us in our food supply. As more scientific evidence accumulates, the government may take more deliberate action. The publication of this article by ACS is one of the ways of trying to make government accountable. I’m sure the makers of the contaminated baby bottles know all about this. Use this information as you will.

Wow that is kind of scary that carcinogens may be in baby bottles.

As usual, it will be the poor who will be hit most by this. One as there is a general tendency by lower-income mothers to bottle feed, and two-if there is a choice between a $2 bottle or a $15 bottle guess which one wins.

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