Baptism sponsors - could a nun sponsor an adult or child for baptism?

hello brothers and sisters,

I had a great conversation with a friend about baptism.
He threw a question if a catholic nun could be a sponsor for a child or an adult for baptism.
And I had no idea.
I’ve researched it and its ok for a catholic priest or a deacon to be a sponsor, but could not find much about nuns.

Could some one please answer this as I believe its ok as well.


Why not? Should be ok as long as the superior allows it. Just as not all priests are allowed to be godfather/sponsor, unless their bishop or abbot allows it or at least doesnt forbid it

A godparent fills a spiritual role, and role of example.
A Catholic godparent does not/is not obligated to raise the child in the event of the death of the parents.

In my Archdiocese; the only requirement is that one be a Baptized and Confirmed Catholic in good standing and at least 16 years old. As Clare said; a Godparent is to be a role model & example of one who lives & practices their faith.

Yes. My godmother is a nun.

Yes, nuns (and clergy, for that matter) can be Baptismal sponsors.

The reason why this question sometimes arises is because before the 1983 Code of Canon Law, there were restrictions prohibiting clergy and those in consecrated life from being sponsors—the reason being that a relationship called “affinity” arose, meaning that the sponsor-candidate were related but not by blood.

So, while the question might seem a bit odd today, it really is not. A few decades ago, it was very relevant.