Broken Rosary = Bad Luck?

I’ve hearing this from some people, that if your rosary breaks, it’s bad luck. I always thought of it a superstition and I don’t know where this originates from. I personally don’t believe it because I’ve done it before by accident and I’m fine and I don’t think God will punish anyone with bad luck simply for accidentally breaking a rosary.

But is this Church doctrine? Has a pope, priest or saint said anything about this?

Will you truly get bad luck for breaking a rosary?


Can it be fixed and put back into use? Has it been blessed by a Priest?

If it can not be put into use and has been blessed, it needs to be disposed of properly (buried or burned, I believe).

I usually look at my broken Rosary in reverse. I don’t ask what will this broken Rosary cause, but what caused my Rosary to break in the first place? Was I not careful enough with it? If it was from my own carelessness, I try to treat it with more respect. If it was from normal wear and tear, then there’s not much to do about that except to repair it, possibly find a more sturdy one.

I also can see it in more of a symbolic way. Perhaps my prayer life is broken, not what it should be. May be I’m not taking care of it as well as I need to. As I need to physically repair the Rosary, how much more effort I need to put into repairing my spiritual life. This doesn’t come officially from the Church, but I’m sure I’m not the first person to look at it this way.

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I definitely think that assuming one will have bad luck if their rosary breaks is superstitious. To me, it’s right up there with having a mirror break or walking under a ladder!

Luck in itself is superstitious.

The Lord warns us in His word about superstition and belief in charms, etc. Thinking that a broken rosary equals bad luck is treating the rosary as though it were a lucky charm rather than a sacramental that helps us to pray.


The latches connecting the beads on mine come undone all the time (last night again). I keep a tiny pair of needle nosed pliers handy to repair it. Mine’s “broken” and been repaired dozens of times.

The more you carry your rosary and pray it then the more it will require maintenance (especially for a guy carrying it in his pants pocket every day). See it rather as a sign of good fortune that you use your rosary enough that it frequently needs repaired. It sort of reflects your devotion. :wink:

Right on the nail :slight_smile:

No, it’s not “bad luck.” Such an attitude definitely constitutes superstition, and Catholics aren’t supposed to be superstitious.

Don’t worry about it; you’re fine. :slight_smile:

Surely a sacramental consecrated for prayer to God must be treated with more care than an average object would, but nothing bad will happen if it breaks :shrug: Everything from this world came from dust and shall return to dust one day or another :o

Now, if we willfully damage sacramentals, we definitely open ourselves to the influence of the adversary, just like we do every time we expose ourselves to temptations or commit a mortal sin. :shrug: That’s the temporary punishment (or as I usually say, the “price to pay”) :rolleyes:

I recall two stories from years ago (I wasn’t, er, “practicing” back then). Once my mom gave me a Rosary and I loved it so much (though back then I didn’t even know how to pray it!) and kept it near my bed. One day it fell and the cross broke. I must have spent half an hour in the restroom crying, for I thought I had gravely offended the Lord :blush: Another day (a sad day) in a fit of anger towards the Lord I grabbed a rosary in my room and shattered it to pieces. Now that was very sinful (though I still question whether there was deliberate consent, and to what extent) and at least it wasn’t blessed so it was not, technically, a sacramental. However, having experienced both cases, I can tell you that I never had any “bad luck” as a consequence (not even the second time, for the good Lord must have had great pity on my miserable soul that didn’t even really know what a Rosary was). And it was through prayer of the Rosary that I was suddenly moved to return to the Church and confess and complete my Christian initiation (some may say it brought me luck :smiley: but I say it brought me grace).

On the other hand, and it is quite interesting though I wish it didn’t happen, every time I willfully commit a mortal sin I know something will happen as a result. I guess this is what in the world is called “bad luck” :smiley: Just like every time the good Lord helps someone out, there will always be someone ready to say: “man you were really lucky!” :o

Naw no such thing, I’ve broken a half dozen or more or those Chinese rosaries. Now I use the homemade ones with the wax string you can find in the vestibule. They’re almost indestructible.

I am using a metal rosary (blue color) for the past 8 years… it has broken many times and i used to fix it all the times. Where ever i go , i used to carry rosary in my shirt pocket.

I have recieved many graces through this rosary. One time , i event lost this Rosary in a party while dancing.

Before i came to know that i lost this rosary, one of my friend came and sat with me in bus having my rosary in his hand . He didnt even know that ,that rosary was mine. I said to him that it was mine and i was so happy and tears came in my eyes. I said thanks to him and to heavenly mother. My friend said some guy gave him the rosary as he got it from another guy in the party. So the rosary travelled through 3 hands to reach me.

I lost this rosary many times like this and i got it back.

So even if we break the rosary, no probs !!! Fix it and use it !!!

But before using first time , get it blessed froim a priest. :slight_smile:

What a neat story!