Can a DSL modem be moved from one phone wall connection to another?

I’ve been wanting to move my DSL modem to another room. But I’m afraid that I will kill my internet connection. Can I do this, without disrupting my connection?

The modem is connected to a “line splitter” with the phone in the other socket.

Opinions, Computer Geniuses? Thanks and God bless.

Just try it. If it doesn’t work, move it back.

(I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, though.)

It should be fine. The DSL isn’t fed into any specific jack in your house, so you are free to move it where ever you would like.

Yes it will work.

The spliter has a filter on the jack for the phone line - so that there is no interference between the DSL-data and your voice content. The DSL modem can be plugged into any phone jack, and any phones also plugged into the same line will normally have a filter so you don’t hear any interference.

HTH! :slight_smile:
(I work in filter design, by the way.)

Opinions, Computer Geniuses? Thanks and God bless.

It should work.

If you currently have a phone plugged in to the jack to which you are moving the modem just make sure you plug the modem directly into the wall jack and not into a line filter.

Thanks for the answers. Ok, so you guys think I can unplug the line splitter AND the DSL modem from one room, and move it to another room… and it will not kill my internet connection? Did I understand you correctly?

Have any of you ever tried this? I want to proceed very cautiously, because getting internet re-established would be a major difficulty for me (personal circumstances, at home).

God bless you for taking an interest.

You can move it just fine. I just changed around where I had my DSL modem and my base phone for my cordless handsets plugged in. It turned out that the new 6.0 cordless system that I bought (with 5 cordless handsets that don’t need their own phone jacks) interfered with the DSL wireless signal when they were in the same room. I moved the DSL modem to one place and another and the same with the base phone until I got the wireless signal for my laptop where I wanted coverage and the phone base where it could get its signal to cover most of the house and back yard too.

Just make sure that any jack that has a phone has a filter between the phone cord and the wall jack. If something does not work after you move it around, then try it in another spot or put it back to where it does work. You can’t break it just by moving it to another jack.

and i am sure is understood, you will be killing your internet connection for the time it takes you to unplug everything, move it, and plug everything back in and set it up lin the new location

besides that, it should not interrupt your connection, and it should be easy to reconnect after everything is plugged back in

I’m sure different phone companies do things differently, but, I can move mine WITHOUT interuption just so long as I DON"T LOOSE ELECTRICAL CONNECTION. If I loose power for just a few seconds I sometimes have to “reset” my modem. That entails unpluging my modem for 2 minutes, shutting down the computer, plugging back in the modem and turning the computer back on. I don’t know if that would hinder the writer or not.

Is your DSL connection a second line/phone#? If so, only if every jack is set up to access the second line can you move the modem from jack to jack. I have this setup due to work/telecommuting needs.

However, if you have only one line/phone#, I believe you should be able to move the modem around.

If you power down the modem, your connection goes away but a simple restart should clear that up.

Make sure you move your dsl filter with your modem and make certain if you are going to use a phone where the modem used to be that you get a filter for that jack as well.