Can a priest bless my home?

I’m new to the faith and I was just wondering if a priest could bless my home? I’ve also heard I could do it my self. Does anybody know anything about this? Thanks. God bless.

Yes, your parish priest will bless your house if you ask.

May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you all!

It is a good thing to have your house blessed by a priest in that way all evil spirits will depart from that house. You can even have your car blessed at the same time.

I also have crucifixes, bibles, miraculous medals etc. blessed also for my own use or to be given away as gifts to friends, family or strangers. I don’t usually give those things away to people unless they are blessed by the priest.

I also keep holy water and blessed oil. I usually bless myself with holy water or blessed oil by making the sign of the cross in the morning and before I go to bed (best way to get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by any evil spirits)

You can get the holy water in the Church but you can also just bring your own water and olive oil for the priest to bless. You can buy the containers from Catholic bookstores. You can approach any priest at any time and they would be very happy to bless it for you.

It’s interesting that in my experience, God always provides the priest if I have anything blessed. Like when I went to a Catholic bookstore to buy some papal crucifixes, I told Our Dear Lord that I needed to have the items blessed before I gave them away and that I know He is going to provide the priest, so as I walked out of the Cathedral bookstore, of all people to meet, I see this priest getting in the elevator. As I called out to him the elevator door closed right away and I saw the elevator go up the 5th floor. So, I said to Our Good Lord, I trust that He will provide the priest to bless them. So, I waited for the elevator door to open so I can go to the parking lot and as soon as the elevator door opened, there he was, the priest who went to the 5th floor went back down to the 1st floor. So, he blessed the crucifixes and I was very thankful for it. At one time, I needed to have miraculous medals blessed, so again I asked Our Good Lord about it and when I went to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on an ordinary day at about 10 am, there were 2 priests outside (one was hearing the confession of the other, what an awesome moment to witness! God’s mercy in action!) and the Bishop was happily walking along the Cathedral grounds at the other end. God truly has a good sense of humor. There are instances also wherein I needed to go to confession or receive holy communion that He always provides the priest.

Jesus, Our Good God, is the caretaker of our souls and if we trust in Him, He never fails us. He always provides.

Welcome home to the fullness of Truth in the Catholic Church.
God bless!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!

Certainly priests can bless houses - it’s an excellent idea.

Alternatively with holy water and/or blessed salt you can sprinkle a little in each room of the house, praying for protection of the house and all who live and visit while you sprinkle :slight_smile:

Hello ukdal1 again! :slight_smile: My priest came and blessed where I lived. After the blessings, I normally use the Holy Water at the church to bless the house myself.

Can a priest also bless olive oil as he ordinarily blesses holy water? Is he permitted to do so or the blessing of oils is reserved for Bishops as one sees during Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday? What Church documents can we read the response from?


I love blessings! The last two weeks I’ve received blessings after Mass from the priest, for my volunteer activities at the church. I have to think up a new- but of course legitimate- reason to hog up their time after Mass this coming Sunday. It’s just that I glow for days after being blessed by one of our priests!

Yes and you should have him bless your home, car, and sacramentals.

:highprayer:I’M A CLOSET CATHOLIC:highprayer:

I move around a lot, so I always have a priest bless the new home because I never know who lived there before and what they were up to. When I travel, I carry holy water with me to bless the hotel room. I also make a little cross with holy water on my airplane seat.

One of the larger motorcycle touring clubs in my area hosts an annual motorcycle blessing, which is always held at a Catholic Church. A Mass kicks off the event, and is heavily attended by the Catholic motorcyclists as well as plenty of non Catholics.

After Mass, the congregation retires to their motorcycles in the parking lot, start them, and form two lines. The priest, still vested, stands between the two lines and blesses the bikes and riders, two by two, until everyone and their bike is blessed. You can always tell the Catholic expert riders, they’re the ones who can manage to make the Sign of the Cross with their right hand without having the bike stall!

Hahah THAT IS AWESOMWE! :smiley:

The Bike Blessing event kicks off the riding season (usually mid to late April in these parts,) and is **extremely **popular in the motorcycling community. I know stone atheists who go to get their bikes blessed. Not sure why they do that, but maybe it will plant a seed. Who knows? Usually, several hundred riders show up. It’s always held at a really big church with a big parking lot. One of the middle aged priests is a personal friend; one year he was sitting with us at the coffee and donut gathering that follows the blessing, and paraphrased the Song of Solomon–“for lo, the winter is past, the rains have gone, and the sound of the V-twin is heard in our land.” We all got a good laugh out of that one (he rides, too.)

Just squeeze the clutch while making the Sign.