Can holy water be mixed with regular water to make more holy water?

I was told by a layperson that we could just mix a bit of blessed water with a gallon of tap water and it would make a gallon and a bit of holy water. How can I show this to be incorrect?

It is incorrect that you can mix a “bit” of Holy Water with additional water. You can mix up to 51% Holy Water with 49% regular water to replenish it when necessary. there must always be more Holy Water then regular water.

It’s actually sort of correct, but in the opposite way. If plain water is mixed into Holy Water, once the two combine, it is impossible to distinguish between the plain and the holy, so all the water becomes holy water; that is, as long as there is more holy water than plain water. It realy shouldn’t be done intentionally, but nevertheless that’s what happens.

Thanks for the comments. I’m really looking for an official source that can correct this error for my friend. Just saying “Catholic Answers forum said so” usually isn’t enough. :o

What if you do it twice?

I’ve actually seen that done. In the seminary, I saw a classmate stand there with a pitcher of plain water and a small bottle of holy water. He poured the holy water into an empty vessel and then added just a little bit less of the plain water. Stir. Pause. Pour. Stir. Pause. Pour. Until the pitcher was empty.

It’s in God’s hands!

When I was an Altar Boy (nearly four decades ago), one of our jobs was to make sure that all of the Holy Water vessels had Holy Water in them. We were instructed by the priests that if there was even SOME Holy Water in there, we could add regular tap water to it. If they were dry or damp, we had to fill them with Holy Water from the reserve in the back.

Ok. Dumb question number 5,468 from me :o

Why can the priest not just bless a great big barrell of water and go from there??

Is it the preist that blesses the water to make it Holy, or does it have too be a Bishop or higher?

No dumb questios – maybe dumb answers :rolleyes: but no dumb questions :wink:

He does but do you have any idea how quickly that barrel of Holy Water will go when a large number of the parish each bring home a bottle for themselves.

The Pastor on Holy Saturday.

So is this the only time water gets blessed and made Holy?

It can be done anytime. (except perhaps between the Holy Thursday Mass & the Easter Vigil)

Priest; deacons during specific liturgical functions (Baptisms).

It really is best if you just go by the church and fill up a bottle. However yes, if necessary you can do it again as it runs low.

There are actually different kinds of Holy Water. Many people call the Baptismal water Blessed at the Easter Vigil- “Easter water”. This is the water that the paschal candle is dipped into. There is a longed blessing also used.

Holy water that is usually available at a parish has a simple blessing and used to have salt added to it.

Actually, a deacon can bless holy water at any time – the blessing is not reserved to a bishop or priest.

Deacon Ed

Hrrrmmmpphhhh…“used to”?

I carry a little packet of dehydrated holy water in the glove compartment just in case.

Is that sort of like “Raisin wine” for the Eucharist. I have to try that some day just to see how it turns out.

Actually, it’s blessed salt. Just add water, bless and presto! instant holy water. (gotcha!)

Ok–I need to ask: Father --Is dehydrated holy water -some type of powder/granules–that you have blessed – add water to reconstitute when needed?