Can I genuflect to receive continued

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… You have seen all the Vatican & Bishops instructions (and US Catholics are subject to the USCCB, which was given authority by Rome)…

Again I say to you with provisos from Rome.

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*We are not free to change the norms.


Definition (

n 1: a standard or model or pattern regarded as typical; “the current middle-class norm of two children per family”*

The above example says a norm is for a middle-class family to have two children.
It however does not stop them from having more or less than two.

A norm is a standard. It is not the law (rule). One can vary from the “norm” within the boundaries of the “law.”

The Law: Vatican rules permit either standing or kneeling - the limits set.
The Norm: USCCB prefers standing - limits are still standing or kneeling.
Outside the Law: e.g. Prostrating (even if you think you are more reverent) in front of the altar to receive communion.

I believe I will take the interpretation of the Vatican (GIRM) over a secular dictionary or “Bob interpretation”

GIRM Movements and Posture

  1. The gestures and posture of the priest, the deacon, and the ministers, as well as those of the people, ought to contribute to making the entire celebration resplendent with beauty and noble simplicity, so that the true and full meaning of the different parts of the celebration is evident and that the participation of all is fostered.52 Therefore, attention should be paid to what is determined by this General Instruction and the traditional practice of the Roman Rite and to what serves the common spiritual good of the People of God, rather than private inclination or arbitrary choice.

A common posture, to be observed by all participants, is a sign of the unity of the members of the Christian community gathered for the Sacred Liturgy: it both expresses and fosters the intention and spiritual attitude of the participants. *

Yes, you have documented that you cannot be denied Communion or be called disobedient, if you kneel or genuflect, but it is clearly stated that unity of posture is preferred.

If there can be “Extraordinary ministers” for Communion, certainly there can be “extraordinary postures” permitted as well, since the former is a much graver case than the latter.

One can kneel for Communion, and HE CANNOT BE DENIED AND COMMITS NO SIN. This has been the practice in the Latin Rite for many, many, many centuries. Such a change (which includes instead a “bow”–which the same document says a bow is attributed to a SYMBOL) is clearly a horrible idea.


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*Post 121 If I wanted so desperately to kneel, I would find a Mass where there are provisions for kneeling. *

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*I vote this as best advice so far on this whole Thread! The American churchmen thrive and survive on 2 things: innovations *always **toward the protestant mindset, and obedience without application of common sense or any tradition no matter how long standing. You will not change that. You may win a battle or two, but not the war for novelty. Go to a church that kneels, period.
The purpose in the bigger picture? It is not willy nilly. Read the Signature.


I vote this the worst!

We are members of the Holy Catholic Church. i.e. Holy Universal Church.

We are not a congregational church, we are not a protestant church, where you chose and pick your pastors according to your intepretation of the bible or teaching.

Universal in teaching, universal in preaching, universal in practising the faith - The Holy Catholic Church.

Protestant—protest (Made their own rules-as you are doing in the US) It is not my interpretation—it is the interpretation of the USCCB, which gets its authority from Rome.

That is a rediculous comparison—on whose authority can there be these extraordinary postures?

Nobody said anything about denying Communion or committing a sin. It is just not following the norms and acting in Community, which is what we are instructed to do.