Can I partake of wine alone, not bread, when receiving Eucharist?

Theologically, there’s obviously no problem. And I have no real desire to do this.

But is there anything in the rubrics stating it is improper to receive in the form of wine, without also receiving a host?

Not that I know of, I remember that being the solution to that case where the little girl was allergic to wheat or something…though to just try this at a Sunday Mass might be impossible-or at least look really weird–due to the way most churchs set up their Communion line.

if there is a good reason, yes, but you should inform the priest beforehand of the reason (wheat allergy etc) especially if it essential that you drink from the chalice that does not have the particle of consecrated bread.

Please use proper terms when talking about the Eucharist. The wine becomes the Precious Blood and the bread becomes the Body of Christ.


There was a parish I once attended where there was a coeliac and she just went up to the sactuary first and recieved the precious blood before the ministers went to their positions for general reception. This was at Sunday Mass.

If you’re going to chatise someone for improper usage, you should at least get it right yourself.

The bread becomes the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divintity of Jesus.

The wine also becomes the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divintity of Jesus.

This doesn’t sound right. Is this actual practice, or just your opinion? After all, people aren’t expected to inform the priest if they’re receiving only under the species of bread.

I decided to do some resarch on this issue, since so many people seem passionate on both sides. From what I can tell, and I could be wrong, it appears that receiving the Precious Blood only, is reserved for those who due to illness or some other reason are unable to receive both or the Precious Body.

Below is the Code of Canon Law on the subject:

Art. 3.


Can. 925 Holy communion is to be given under the form of bread alone, or under both species according to the norm of the liturgical laws, or even under the form of wine alone in a case of necessity.

From the above I would gather receiving the Precious Blood alone except in extraordinary circumstanmces would not be allowed.

I would agree with your interpretation. Of course, the Bishop can decide how to interpret this for local usage, but generally speaking the the Prescious Blood alone is not allowed.

Thanks palmas85, that’s exactly the sort of citation I was looking for.:thumbsup:

the reason for informing the priest would be the one I gave, if it is medically necessary to be sure that you do not accidentally receive from the chalice that contains the particle of the Host. Also, if you are going to do this regularly, it might confuse the EHMCs so if you just let the priest know it might help, so he can make sure they know it is okay.