Can I still receive communion?

I feel dead in my faith. I try to cling on to religious people. I call the church to ask questions. No motivation to pray, stop sinning,etc. After going to a memorial of someone, it has been honestly difficult for me to believe in an afterlife of any sort. I feel like religion is a lie. I read the bible. I feel like the Bible perfectly explains human nature. I do not like how the church tells me who I should vote for. I do not want the church to dominate that many aspects of my life. As for Jesus, I have strong doubts. Why pray? If I could fix it myself. If I can’t oh well that is not fair. Life is not fair. I do not want to love God because well I am very scared. I believe in following the morals of the Bible but I cannot find it in me to believe in the supernatural. I am open. Life is full of strange occurrences. Infinite possibilities

Dear friend, dryness is not death. You are not dead in your faith, just sick. Speak to God from where you are now, without pretense, asking for His help so that all you must endure will be for the instruction and perfection of your soul, making you strong in virtue and grateful to your Maker. And you must be patient, wisdom is gained over a lifetime, not in a moment.

In charity, pray for me, and I will pray for you.

Ok God bless you

When God wants to lead someone to a greater holiness he will remove the consolations he had been giving it. This is so that he can give you something even better.

In answer to your question: you would need to be in a state of grace. Go to confession to be sure, and confess everything.

If, however, your doubts are solidifying, you probably won’t even see the need for confession (no god, what’s the point?).

It is good that you have doubts. A common platitude is that “faith is a journey.”
Well, I know first-hand that the journey often ends. You jump off the faith bus, still alive, and seeing the world with new eyes. Some people get back on, others move on.

Go back to the Church one day if it gives you comfort.

Do you pray the Rosary each day?

How often do you get to daily Mass?

50% of your sentences begin with “I”

These are YOUR choices, your ideas.

When we rely on God, who knows everything, and indeed knows better than anyone, “I” be come less important.

The Church doesn’t tell you how to vote That’s an excuse.
The 10 Commandments are in the Bible. Thou shall not kill.
It’s right there.

You want to blame everything on God. However, this is a secular viewpoint.
“God knows everything, so therefore He causes everything, so everything that is wrong with my life is HIS fault, so I’m going to show Him who is boss, and, I’ll just turn my back on Him.”

Adam and Eve tried that. Lots of people on the Bible tried that. And see how it turned out for them? The ones who did well in the end, surrendered to the will of God and repented.

You’ve tried everything else…why not change yourself and your outlook, and see what God has planned for you. We can’t hold on to sin and still call ourselves happy. Sin cannot make you happy. It can appease your senses and your mind for a small bit…but deep down, we know it’s wrong and we are unhappy.
That is why you are so unhappy. Because you know better.

Go to confession, go to Mass. Often. **Get a spiritual director. **
This is beyond the point where people on the internet will help you because you post the same things over and over. You need someone to look you in the eye and ask you to choose.
Yourself, and your opinions?
Or God.

Excuse me, but That’s bad advice. I had severe doubts to the point of agnosticism, and staying the course is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. Don’t tell Catholics to abandon the faith on a Catholic forum, or anywhere. And excuse me, but the journey only ends if you give up.

Pray for God’s grace, Pelagia. He is sure to answer eventually.

I’m praying for you. May the Holy Spirit assist and guide you always toward faith, hope, and love.

internet has become a clutch. I fear people’s opinions of me. I am going to sound so self-centered and shallow in person. I do reach out to church people. Confession is scary.

Do you mean crutch?
We yeah. No accountability.

You wouldn’t care what people thought of you if you only realized people have their own worries and concerns.

Then don’t BE self-centered an shallow. It’s a choice.

Confession is the one place you can be yourself,
Priests don’t yell at people.

Oops “crutch”. Typos. Choices.

If the OP’s question is whether he can receive communion or not, you should be able to if proper disposed. Feeling blue and depressed about one’s faith is not in my book a serious offense against God. Most of us have been there, I suspect.

People on an internet forum aren’t fully qualified to give you spiritual direction but we can pray that you begin to appreciate your faith and its spiritual benefits. I will pray.

In St Faustina’s diary there is a point where she didn’t receive communion after some fault which she committed.Jesus appeared to her and said, "I was more hurt by your not receiving Holy Communion than I was by that fault that you had commited.

She’s a young woman with a long posting history of similar posts.
A spiritual director would be great but she comes here.
Most people give her common sense advice.

Not everyone considers abortion murder. War is murder as well. As for voting, why should the US uphold Christian morals if the US is founded on separation of church and state. What will happen to all those saved unaborted children? I am not prochoice. What is the solution to making abortion illegal? I personally wouldn’t get an abortion ever. Women will still find ways to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

The problems of finding a spiritual director are not new. St Teresa of Avila wrote about having similar problems and Saint Faustina also had a similar problem for awhile. I recommend that she pray that God send her a spiritual director.

Hmmm. Finding a spiritual director you can trust. F

In the past even the saints had problems finding one . It is not just one you can trust but also one who can understand you and the way the Holy Spirit is guiding you. That is why it is a good idea to pray for the Holy Spirit to bring you one.

Why would anyone **mistrust **a SD? :confused:

Repeating what is discusses in a session is NOT part of the equation.
Find a priest that will agree to talk to you. It doesn’t have to be a layperson, although mine is.
Working at a parish I know plenty of priests, but I only go to them for confession, as I’m not permitted to confess to the boss.

Fine one.