Can sisters/nuns wear makeup or jewelry?

I was looking into becoming a sister/nun and I wanted to know if there are any requirements on jewelry and makeup, thanks!!!

That would depend a lot on the individual religious order and what the sisters/nuns are doing.

  1. Jewelry - I seem to remember there are orders that have their sisters/nuns wearing wedding rings, to show that they are “brides of Christ.” Sometimes an order will have all the sisters wearing a pin or a necklace as a similar sign of their promises to Christ. Rosaries aren’t really jewelry, more like work equipment; but again, usually a sister would have one that is standard issue for people in her order unless the order allows more use of personal property. (I mention it because a lot of orders wear them on their belts, constantly ready for use.)

Otherwise, it’s pretty much a matter of what the order’s vocation and philosophy is. The usual thing is for sisters and nuns not to wear jewelry of a decorative nature. (It’s not like they have any guys to impress.) If an order works out in the world and thinks its sisters should “fit in,” sometimes they do encourage sisters to wear attractive but inexpensive personal jewelry to fit in with other career women. (This would usually be in orders that changed significantly during the 1960’s.)

  1. Makeup - Again, usually a sister or nun would have no need for makeup. In orders that decided during the 1960’s to “fit in” more, you might see a sister wearing makeup, but even then it’s usually just a touch of lipstick.

Most old lady nuns and sisters have really good skin, I have to say. Living a simple, joyful life where you work hard, pray hard, sing hard, and rely on God gives a woman an inner glow.