Can things get any worse?

2010 is really not starting out well for us.

First, DH lost his job. His company closed, sent him to another location in a position making HALF of what he was making before.

Then last week the tub got a huge crack in the bottom, water all over the basement.

Now the furnace decides to break.

I am seriously At. The. End. Of. My. Rope.

Thanking God in the bad times is the only way to make it through them.


I am so very sorry you are going through so much. This is such a difficult time for so many. I wish there was something I could say/do that would make it all go away, but I can’t. I can say a prayer for you. :gopray:

We have had this experience recently too. 2009 was absolutely horrid for us medical wise. We were hoping 2010 would be better. No such luck. We’ve already been in and out of the hospital once…and January isn’t even over. :eek:

Being in and out of hospitals and doctors so much, I got really, REALLY down. I also hit “the end of my rope.” It’s a horrible place to be. But if you are TRULY feeling that way, it might be time for some counseling, or possibly a trip to the doctor’s for some meds to help you through this time. It is a sign of strength to seek out support, not weakness. Feel free to PM me if you need to talk about this further. :hug3:

I’m so sorry. :frowning:
No advice on the exact situation you’re going through, but just prayers and support. I’ve been at the end of my rope before… it’s horrible.
Take one thing at a time, just the priorities.
Breathe, eat, sleep - take care of the basics
Praying that a miracle turns things around for you.

This is excellent advice. :thumbsup:

Also, living one day at a time. Pretend tomorrow doesn’t exist. Who knows it might not. :shrug: Just get through today. :thumbsup:

Prayers for you and your family. :frowning:

Every day must have at least one good thing in it to look forward too. Focus on that.

Also in any situation you if you try hard enough can make a list of 50 things to be glad about or fifty things to be sad about. In fact its surprisingly easy. So make your list of 50 good things in your life.

I’m not really at that point yet, although I could get close if one more thing breaks in this house or goes wrong.

I’m having more of a crisis of faith than anything. We have been fighting a foreclosure on our home for 2 years now. I keep putting it in God’s hands and begging Him to help us and giving Him my total and complete trust…and then THIS. It’s hard to not feel abandoned by Him, even though my head knows that’s not the case but I guess I’m just going through a “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, GOD?” moment. I mean, if it’s not His will to let us keep our home, fine. I can live with that. But did He have to take his JOB along with it?

If He is testing my faith, He is doing a great job of it.

Like EM says, take one day at a time. Mother Teresa was often noted as saying…’‘Do whatever is in front of you.’’ AND ‘‘Do little things with great love.’’ Everyday, we have the opportunity to just do what is in front of us, with great love, and hope. I have had days like you explain, and without faith, not sure how we would have handled it. Sometimes, our faith is tested…if our faith was never tested, we might not grow in a particular area. So, hang in there, and know you have a bunch of us here praying for you. :console:

Praying for you and your family.

That is very true.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I indentify with your post–sometimes I feel like things are going so wrong there is nothing left for God to take away! I know that is not true and I know I still have many wonderful blessings but a little tiny part of me does feel tired . One bad year turned into several and I wanted 2010 to be different and it is not off to a very good start.

From a statistical standpoint, things have to turn around eventually. Maybe you are getting over all the rough patches early and God is paving the way for many blessings. Your husband`s job loss could lead him to find a much better opportunity he otherwise would not have been able to take.

Just keep on praying. Talk to God about how you are feeling. It is okay to be upset or angry from time to time but God will give you the grace to get through this.



Well, furnace is fixed. DH cleaned the sensors and it’s working like new again. Thank God we were able to take care of this ourselves. The last time this happened, we had to pay $80 for the repairman to come out and fix it.

Thank you for all of the prayers. We are really needing them right now.

I am sorry you’re having a hard time.

I had a rotten week – my son was caught planning a burglary ( says he was joking- we’ll see what he says to the family counselor),
my daughter either got hysterically angry with me every time she saw me, or locked herself in her room and wouldn’t come out (teen hormones, she says),
my husband says it’s probably all my fault.

I got tired of petitionary prayers, and just started thanking God for everything I could think of. I feel a lot more peaceful that way. It’s amazing how much there is to thank Him for.
This week is looking better. My daughter is pleasant, my son is in his room throwing up (at least he’s courteous when he asks me to empty his bucket)/
I would much rather have appliances breaking down than family.
But God is in charge.

Lord have mercy… Christ have mercy…

Look at the lilies of the fields…

What we bear on earth for the sake of the Lord, brings us treasure in Heaven. His will, will be done. So we have to be happy with it wherever we are as best we can.