Can we eat meat on Black Saturday?

Just wondering if it is ok to eat meat on Black Saturday. We have company that day so I don’t know whether i should cook fish or meat.



Yes you can as far as I know, as the Easter Triduum is the end of Lent, and the abstainence from meat is resricted to Good Friday.

AFAIK, that is correct.

The Latin Rite can eat meat on this day. I assume most Eastern Rites are recommended to abstain from meat on this day. As a Byzantine Catholic this was never a requirement growing up but my understanding is it now is. I’m generally very bad at this requirement since I am generally very stubborn if it involves something the Latin Rite does not have to do unless it is relatively equal. For example, tomorrow the fasting restrictions for the two rites are not quite the same but not different enough where I would choose to not follow the Eastern way. I’m kind of a cafeteria Catholic in regards to what rite I follow and believe in since my theology is really mixed up and blended between both rites and I have no idea who is right or what God prefers so to be safe I pick parts from both of them.

The term is HOLY Saturday, not Black Saturday.

I believe it depends where one is located. In the Philippines many call it “Black Saturday.” My friend is Czech and over there they call it “White Saturday.” I looked it up and the Dutch also call it “Silent Saturday.”

The Eastern practice, I think, is to call it something a bit different too.

Interesting, though. :smiley:

I call it Holy Saturday too. :slight_smile:

I am fron the Philippines thats why I got used to calling it Black Saturday.

Part of the confusion is that often when the fast/abstinence regulations are published, there is a statement about the Church “encouraging” people to continue the Good Friday fast on Holy Saturday, generally until the Easter Vigil. And growing up, I remember my mom believed it was until noon on Holy Saturday (it may have been that way pre-Vatican 2, but I don’t know).

Your post above sounds correct from my experience.

Assuming you meant Holy Saturday, meat is fine. This used to be a day of fasting, and that is the way I observed it. But it’s optional nowadays. :thumbsup:

What IS black Saturday?
And why is it called this?

IS it indeed the same as holy Saturday?

new term for me to hear…