Can you wear a rosary around your neck?

I saw somebody at the Vatican on tv this past week finish saying the rosary then hang it around his neck. Although this would be a convenient way to keep the rosary close to you is this allowed?

I am certain one could wear a rosary just about anyway they wish so long as their motives for doing so was correct.

However, I once wore a rosary around my neck when I was in Las Vegas. After bending over the craps table a few times to place chips, the contact of the rosary against me and the edge of the table caused it to break.

Whether that was a “sign” that I was wearing my rosary in the wrong place or for the wrong reason is up to you to decide.


There is nothing wrong with wearing a rosary around your neck, as long as it is worn reverently, no just for jewery. I know a few people who do so. In the USA not many wear their rosary, however in Mexico it is very common.

In the apparitions of Fatima I seem to remember Our Lady saying we should wear the rosary to show the devil we belong to her…

Since I read that I have worn a rosary around my neck

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I have often thought that I would like to wear my rosary as a necklace. I have been told that it is “disrespectful to use the rosary as jewelry”. I find this particularly odd since rosary bracelets are worn with no controversy…
So is it OK then? I make crocheted rosaries. I like the idea of wearing one around my neck that I have made. It seems to me that this is another way of proclaiming my faith in Jesus Christ…
But if there is a feeling that this is indeed inappropriate, I would appreciate it if you would post that here, or pm me.
God bless.

I remember hearing that Croatian troops in the Bosnia conflict wore rosaries around their necks. It was always at hand, and reminded them of their devotion to Our Lady.

I think it’s OK done respectfully.

I would agree that its okay if done for the right reasons. However I have seen news stories that rosaries are the new “fad” among some younger wilder sets. Which could bring a grace, I guess, even if they don’t know what they mean, but . . . One story talked about a girl coming into a Catholic book store asking for the necklace with the man on the cross.

My grandfather wears his around his neck as he has gone blind. Makes it much easier to find!

I agree, if done in reverence, it’s okay - after all, don’t the religious wear very large ones around their waist?

Also - I can’t think of a better “fad” for kids, because no matter the reason or cause for coming into contact with a rosary - imagine the possibilities for those learning what it is! What a great opportunity for someone working in a bookstore to enlighten the young woman asking for the “necklace.” We should pray for them - those who ask and those who answer.

I prayed the rosary LONG before God granted me the grace to return to Him. I am eternally grateful to Mary for bringing me back to Him.

And Jimmytoes - I love your signature!


The inmates at the prison that I minister in, love to wear a rosary. It’s something holy for them in the midst of the great trials that they experience at the prison. They are only allowed the plastic string type that you can’t make into a weapon. These don’t last very long. The chaplain is able to get donations and my wife and I also donate many. We have 3500 women inmates: Moms, Grandmothers, and Great-grandmothers. Most readily admit that they made mistakes and failed themselves and God. Still, many come back after being released. Drugs are the main problem, but with God and prayer,anything is possible.

May God bless you,
Deacon Tony

I would think if it were used as jewelry, it would lose its blessing. But in the case of the man who can’t find his rosary so he wears it around his neck, I don’t think that would apply at all.

It would probably also be considered irreverent to wear it for decoration. But to keep it near, that is not a problem.

If you want to wear your rosary around your neck do so UNDER your shirt. Then it will be touching you personally and will not be seen as a fad.

I think that even if the “intention” is good, for example as a sign of your faith, the current fad has degraded the practice to a fad, and it could be mistaken as one.

Rosaries were not made to be worn, they are round as a sign of continuity in prayer I believe, not to make it easier to put around your neck. Rosary bracelets were made specifically for wearing because this way you can pray the rosary quietly without much notice, anytime, anywhere. Try doing so with a rosary that is worn around the neck… try twisting it around and not making a spectacle of yourself while “wearing” it and praying at the same time. If you want your big rosary close at hand at all times, that’s what pockets are for, and small change purses… and even rearview mirrors :wink:

I work in a middle school and we have seen a lot of the kids, mostly Hispanic, wearing a Rosary - in the city I live in it is considered a gang symbol when it is worn around the neck. Our school system has a gang task force that has researched this and found it to be a fact - gang members have taken up wearing it as a fad or whatever. Like someone else said, though, hopefully they will still receive some graces from wearing them.


I was moved to answer you when I read of the tragedy of 3500 women in one prison.I come from a very naive background as far as crime goes so I have a lot to thank God for …Is there a way you could instruct me how these rosaries are made and maybe i could get some help for you Jamanne

I think it’s a good idea to wear a Rosary for spiritual protection or as a reminder, but not for jewellery. When I do wear one, I wear it hidden.

For those of the Catholic faith, rosary beads are a traditional way to keep track of one’s prayers. A sort of spiritual abacus. But according to police in Dallas, Texas, local gang members have taken to wearing the religious jewelry as well. This has led at least one high school to add rosary beads to the “do not wear” list.


School considers rosary a gang marker
Lawsuit to challenge suspension for wearing religious symbol
Posted: May 27, 2010
1:00 am Eastern

By Michael Carl
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Officials at a New York middle school have decided a rosary could be a symbol of gang activity and have suspended a student for wearing one, but now a legal action is developing that will challenge the school’s censorship.

Oneida Middle School officials say their district-wide police in the Schenectady Public School District bans any bandanas or other apparel – including beads – that can be associated with street gangs.

The result? The suspension of 13-year-old middle schooler Raymond Hosier, who chose to wear the rosary as a symbol of his faith and in honor of a deceased brother and uncle.

The American Center for Law and Justice now has confirmed officials have dispatched a letter to the school demanding the school allow the rosary, as protected by the First Amendment, or face a court challenge.

I’m not sure. I do know that when I walk at Planned Parenthood, one clinic deathscort, where a rosary around her neck as she hurries clients into the clinic.

yeah you could as long as you wasnt wearing it just for fashion…i even have one that winds round and round my wrist and stays in place with memory wire lol so it is orn as a bracelet but i have a full size rosary if i need/want it:)

From what I understand, it was only allowed for the most pious people of Catholic faith. Pious meaning religiously dutiful. To me, this means being as close to being a Saint without ever becoming one.

I myself, have had this conversation with many people due to the fact that I wear mine around my neck. Lots of Catholics, or former Catholics feel the need to say something to me about wearing it around my neck… which I don’t mind, because it leads to me explaining why I wear it around my neck.

I have a beautiful rosary given to me by my brother, that was blessed in my grandfather’s oils when he passed, at the family funeral in Mexico. I consider it a great honor to wear it.
I have worn it while overseas in war zones, or war torn areas and believe in the protection that it gives me. The other reason I wear it, is because although I am far from Sainthood, and I know that I will never ever even come close… it’s not a bad thing to look up to. To aspire to.

On top of that, almost every member of my family wears one and I feel that it keeps us in touch. I feel that it keeps a sense of cohesiveness and protection between us all.

I know that many people from Latin America wear them… whether it is due to their faith or just their preference, I will never question them on it. I just smile and nod. I’m happy that so many people are wearing them.

What I would like to know, is DOES the Catholic Church look down upon the wearing of rosaries or do they deem it okay?

Either way… I know what mine means to me, and will continue to wear mine day in and day out.

Wearing a Rosary in Uganda is so common that I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. It’s a culture for most Catholics here, including some who never pray it.

I’ve seen many people here in the Chicago area wear rosaries, but they aren’t Catholic.

There’s a subculture in the urban fashion culture here (I’ve seen in other cities too) that includes wearing the rosary for fashion.

I’ve seen this on other threads, but I want to say the other day at the mall, I saw saints’ bracelets and rosaries with rhinestones and other types of “bling” on them at Aldo Shoes.

I’ve been told it’s wrong to wear a rosary, others have told me there’s no problem with it if it’s for the right reason, but the fact that there are shiny rosaries made and sold at stores just for fashion makes me think a rosary should not be worn regularly.

I bought a rosary, it just about fits round my big head!! If I squeeze my ears, I can get the rosary around my neck. Are they meant to be this small?