Canons Regular of St. John Cantius

Just thought I would put this up to “crow” a little bit about our parish, St. Peter in Volo, IL

Our former pastor, Fr. Don Dietz, stepped down a little more than a year ago and Cardinal George asked the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius to take over.

Don’t get me wrong – we loved Fr. Don. But the Cantians are AWESOME!

The first thing to disappear were the EOMs. Not liong afterwards, we began having Mass ad orientem. A second daily Mass (EF form) was added.

I could go on and on, but you get my point: we are so blessed out here in what was once considered the “gulag” for the Chicago archdiocese. :smiley:


how incredibly blessed your parish is!

I’ve had the opportunity to visit St. John Cantius and absolutely loved it. I was awe struck after attending my first EF mass there.

To me, St John Cantius will always be the place where the 2nd Counter Reformation began in Chicago.

Thanks CoolRich,

I remember making a pilgrimage to St. John’s in the late 1980’s and Fr. Phillips was just starting the Canons. At that time, from what I remember, he was looking for suitable recruits. It looks like his project has been successful. Beautiful! And thanks be to God!

There is special place in my heart for that beautiful, old church. I also recall that attempts were underway to restore the church building. How is that progressing?


I’ve actually only been down to St John Cantius a couple of times so I’m not sure of what’s been done. The santuary is incredibly beautiful – lots of polished brass and wood. The only place I noticed that needed repair was the ceiling where you could see some cracks and water stains.

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments. I hope I didn’t come off as arrogant or boastful. I had just gotten done reading the thread on liturgical abuses and was so greatful for the blessing we’ve had at our parish that I felt moved to put this thread.

You can buy a calendar from their website that has both the Extraordinary Form and the Ordinary Form liturgical year. I have mine in my office.

If you have the 2009 calendar, the picture for May from St Peter in Volo.

They are. A priest from St. John Cantius reintroduced the TLM to our parish and faithfully said Mass here every Sunday for several months until that task was taken over by a priest from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter [also a fine organization].

The Canons Regular consistently demonstrate a palpable piety and sincerity.

The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius recently trained two priests of EWTN to say the Extraordinary Form. It’s just a matter of time before we see the EF on a regular basis on that TV station.

And what a blessing that would be!

That’s where my husband and I were going. We’re on our way back to CA, though. Excellent Mass, and it was the most beautiful church I have ever been in. I have the calendar, and I love that my birth month is the beautiful church itself.

i would like to ditto the platitudes of this church. its beauty is breathtaking as well as the history that resides within. one small room displays the relics of many saints. the towering columns of dark brown in themselves inspire awe.
they do have a website in which the interior can be observed. it would be well worth the effort to find it an explore. have a good year. (alih):thumbsup:

There are only two things I miss since I moved back out to the country from Chicago - St. John Cantius and the plethora of great restaurants. :slight_smile:

Is that small, cubby-hole of a bookstore still in operation downstairs?

It was the last time I was there – but that was more than a year ago.

No but their excellent library is more open now than before. You can easily spend a few hours down there.

Great thread! I am currently exploring the possibility of becoming a registered parishioner at St. John Cantius. Along these lines I am in the process of discerning the whole Latin Mass / Novus Ordo distinctions, along with V II and the rest. I have a related question about this in a thread I am about to start. Oh, and St. John Cantius is an awesome parish! Maybe the surest sign of true renewal I have seen.

God Bless

Jon Winterburn

This is a great parish but be forewarned. Better come with a bunch of quarters as at last Sunday’s sermon they did announce now all those metered parking spaces around the Church must be fed even on Sundays. Otherwise they will slap you with a $100 parking ticket while you’re worshipping God.