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My Parish is going through a testing time, last week one of our Priests refused a woman in a second relationship Holy Communion.
I’m siding with the priest, although I still feel sorry the two people in question.
At the moment it’s still being dealt with, but the young 31 year old priest says he’s not backing down.
What do the forum members think ? Someones letter to the editor.

A courageous priest. God help him.

If she’s living with someone in sin or divorced and remarried, the priest did the right thing. More priests should have his courage. I pray that this woman doesn’t leave the Church over this.


The articles linked to showed that these people (like so many) have absolutely NO idea what it takes to be Christian and Catholic. I especially liked the comment that if people don’t like the Catholic Church they will go to the Church of Ireland (so THERE!).

That priest has guts. I hope he isn’t nuts (as sometimes zealots can be). Why aren’t his superiors more vocal in their support of his right to do this?

He’s only a short while in the parish, only thing is some people don’t know the rules of the Church inspite of the Catechism being out a long time ago & it took I’m told 6 years to compile.
Anyway seems like not too many read it, only problem is I know others that are living with other partners, although not divorced they are not in wedlock. ( living together ) they must be shaking in their boots.
I’m not squeaky clean either, but have been to confession to put things right.
I think the sermons over the years are dull because of all the sexual scandal & many are afraid to preach, don’t know when I last heard Hell mentioned, not telling people about Hell won’t keep them out of it.

About his superiors, seems like some don’t want to upset the applecart.

You certainly ARE squeaky-clean if you’ve repented, confessed, been absolved, done penance, and put right what was wrong before. You are graced. God bless you. May your conversion bear fruit in the lives of many.

Thanks for the kind words, :blessyou:

don’t feel i have enough information to express an opinion… i’m not a fan of communion police…

how does the young priest treat those with “other supposed valid or not” mortal sin… nope, not enough info to comment… i do wish him luck, and wish the parishoners luck too… :cool:

We need more priests like him.

I’m sure he will do the same again if he knows them personally, maybe the priest done them a favor, because we drink to our own damnation when we receive unworthly.
Who am I to say who is worthy or not, it’s up to the individuals conscience, but maybe the priest sees himself as an accomplice in the persons sin if he complies.
I also know the ques at confession in our Church are smaller than the ques that receive.

The article stated that the priest had telephoned the woman at home explaining what he had to do, so she was warned before she came to the altar. The ball was in her court. If it is common knowledge that this couple is “notoriously and openly” living in a state other than a state of grace, she needed to be told that her situation was perilous to her soul and a scandal to others. That’s what the phone call achieved.

It doesn’t matter really,but he visited the womans house to tell her in person, then she asked the priest to leave.

It might cause an upheval, but I’m not leaving,— hard as it is to bear.

Thanks for the correction. I read in haste. The priest went to her house. He spoke to her about her situation. The boyfriend receives the Sacrament and asks for a host for the girlfriend (weird) – so the priest refuses. Duh.

Get rid of the press. Let the priest do his job. It’s tough enough without having to catechize the six o’clock news!

It’s sad that the media seems to be against the Priest, I hope he stands strong.

I would never embarrass anyone in such a public manner. Why couldn’t the priest have spoken to the woman after the service? Perhaps she would repent, and he could even take some time out of his busy schedule to offer her the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

In any event, it should be up to the individual to decide whether or not they are receive communion. This is the same argument as the one used by those who want to deny Senator Kennedy or Senator Kerry communion because they are pro-choice Catholic politicians. Causing the faithful to be scandalized can also be a grave sin. Maybe Father should also be denied communion?

In the article it states:

She said she was first made aware of the Holy Communion ban by her Curate, Fr Owen Gorman when he called at her home for that purpose …

They had a short conversation in which both put across their point of view - Ms Kelly insisting she enjoyed a stable, six-year relationship with Mr Neill, the father of two of her children. However, Fr Gorman remained adamant and she asked him to leave.

That member of the “faithful” has embarrased herself by publicly living in sin, except that the priest is the only one who is embarrased for her. The priest is blessing his congregation, his flock, with an accurate understanding of what is scandalous: cohabitation and serial adultery.

Just a note: going to confession does not “put things right” entirely; we must also amend our lives.

What do the forum members think ?

I think it is hilarious that the woman is demanding that the priest be held accountable for his actions, yet refuses to hold herself (or be held) to the same standard. Can you say “irony”? I knew you could!

Have a great day!

Stephen, I would like to send my support to that father. Would you please let me know how I could contact him?

Thanks, and God bless, :slight_smile:


Great idea… When need to support these priest. I have a great one who doesn’t hold back any words. We have lost parishioners because of it.

This women needs to be put in her place, the Eucharist isn’t a right, it is a gift and blessing to our Church… Priest that over look that are the reasons some aren’t as reverant as they should be. It shows a lack of respect towards our Lord…