Cath education supports changing Yr 10 exam model [CNAU]

Jul 11, '11 6:00 am
The Catholic Education Office of Sydney supports moving away from the current Year 10 School Certificate model, reports the Catholic Weekly.


Hi. my name is Jim McHugh, an attorney in St. Louis Mo. USA and past president of the board of the University of Missouri. I have serious concerns about the state to fund public education and families ability to afford private Catholic education.
Both public and private schools have been unwilling to make structural changes in the delivery of K-16 education. This has been also true on our universities. I don’t know what the answer is but in the coming fiscal year there is simply not going to be the funds to continue with out present models.
In Missouri we will be faced with major reduction in education funding and with unemployment at 9%+ families will not have the funds to send their children to private schools.
We have identified and area in Missouri where we are advocating the formation of a model school that addresses this problem, e.g. a hybrid public/private school. system.
What do you think.