Catholic Community in Irvine (CA) vs. Pittsburgh

Hi Everyone,
Can anyone comment on the Catholic community in Irvine California (near UCI) and or Pittsburgh (near the University of Pittsburgh)? There is the possibility we will move to one of these places.

I live in Pittsburgh and worked at the University of Pittsburgh at one time. The Catholic College community is alive and vibrant!! On Campus there is Heinz Chapel where they have daily noon mass. It is well attended by students and staff. Close to campus is St. Paul Cathedral also offering daily mass times. The sacrament of Reconciliation is offered daily for those who wish to go. The Cathedral is a beutiful church as is Heinz Chapel.
There is also the Pittsburgh Oratory. In fact the priests at the Oratory are offering 40 Hours of Life on Jan.17-19 for the sanctity of human life. They are also the priests who do daily mass at Heinz Chapel. I’m sure there is student activities offered through the Oratory (bible study etc.)

I don’t know anything about Irvine CA except it probably is much warmer than Pittsburgh in the winter. Living in Pittsburgh all my life I’m a little bias when it comes to bragging about our beautiful city. If you have had the chance to visit you know what I mean. Oakland (where Pitt is located) is a hustling, bustling place. (Watch crossing the street) If you have any other questions maybe I can answer them. I hope the above information helps. God Bless!


Thank you Carol. Would you say the area around Upitt has a good homeschooling network? Would you characterize the area as unsafe?

I lived in this area for a few years myself (now live south of Pittsburgh. ) North Oakland, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill are popular areas to live for people affiliated with Pitt or Carnegie Mellon that aren’t undergraduates. Oakland is pretty accessible from other areas of the city/suburbs as well (I used to commute there.) Squirrel Hill is a traditionally Jewish neighborhood.

As far as homeschooling in that particular area of the city, I’m not sure. There is a very active Catholic parenting group on and many of the parents homeschool. There are several very good parish schools and diocesan high schools.

As far as neighborhoods to avoid, I would say South Oakland, the Hill District, Homewood, and Garfield. These are very depressed areas.

I don’t think Mass is celebrated at Heinz Chapel any more (except for nuptials?). But there are a variety of daily Masses available either at the Oratory house chapel or St Paul Cathedral.

I’ve known a number of homeschoolers in the area, though not specifically in Oakland (the university area). But with the Carnegie Library, Museums of Art and Natural History, and other cultural offerings, I would be surprised if many homeschools did not make frequent use of them.