Catholic in name

On Facebook I recently noticed an old school friend, naming Catholicism under ‘Religious views’. I asked him about it, because presumed he was an atheist. He said he had a change of heart.

But from what I see on facebook, he talks about wanting topless women in a bar and theres tons of photos of him getting drunk, with bottles of beer in hand, etc. That isn’t very Christian. Fair enough, he may not be drunk, and drinking in moderation. But I find it hard to believe that. Encouraging topless women as well… I think that’s not very Christian.

For some, and I dare say for most of us, conversion is a gradual process.

Us former Atheists are on a huge learning curve. Your friend, like the rest of us former non-belivers need to Learn what it means to be a Christian and that sometimes is a long process.Its hard to let go of the only lifestyle that we have known. Also, your friend might be attending a very liberal RCIA program that failed to properly address the Moral issues of the faith.

Be patient with your friend. Instead of pointing out that his behaviour is un-Christian, share with your friend YOUR Christian faith and what it means to you.

I always say there are TWO kinds of conversions. One of the Head and One of the Heart. Your friend may have had just the “head” conversion (believing in God) but has yet to have the “heart” conversion (feeling God within him)

Your friend is on the right path though in that he now believes in God, just keep praying that he stays on that path and that he will always be open to the leading of God in his life. Some people just need more time then others. God knows :thumbsup:

Remember Saint Augustine and keep praying for your friend and hopefully God will get him sorted sooner rather than later. In my case it was later :frowning:

My favorite prayer was one of Augustines I think " Lord save me but not yet " I think God thought he had waited enough and pulled me in again :smiley:


it’s nice to see that you care so much that you bring it up here :thumbsup:
let’s see what the others have to say.
Imo it’s not likely that you wake up one morning and all of a sudden you’re a perfect catholic. Personally I found out that it’s a journey that prolly won’t end before I take my last breath.

I’m just thinking…if he neither lusts for those topless girls nor encourages them to take their cloth off all should be good?
On TV I see topless men all the time during the season in their locker room and have no problem with it because I don’t lust for them either or anything as these guys are like family to me.

I would say there could be more to your friend than meets the eye. I mean I can be very conservative when I want to but you wouldn’t guess it from the crowd I hang with and the things I say when talking about writing, fiction, fantasy and pretty much arts in general.

Well, the first step was to know that atheism is wrong. So maybe he’s on his way. Remember, the fruit of the vine doesn’t all ripen at the same time. We’re all on a different journey.

No, it’s not Christian. Apparently you friend picked up some bad habits when he was an atheist. Sounds like it may be a long, hard climb back to faithfulness. I will pray for him.

So would you like to discuss what’s really bothering you or do you wish to continue discussing the obvious fact that not all who claim the title Christian have conformed their lives accordingly?