Challenge to muslims

YUSIF(AKA sura 12) is the story of Joseph (son of Jacob) (found in Genesis 37-50 of the Old Testament of the BIBLE .)Now I want you to (if possible ) give me an explanation as to why Yusif 41 mentions Cross Crucifixion. IT is a very well known fact that the story of Joseph takes place no earlier then 1200 BC.It is also however a fact that DARIUS 1st of the PERSIANS introduced Cross crucifixion around 519 BC . All welcome even non muslims but I ask you who are not muslim to be kind . After all even though we disagree with the Quran ,The church does recognize muslims to be worshiping the god of Abraham .

…the mention of crucifixion in the Qur’an comes from the root Ṣ-L-B and it has no connotations of a cross or its shape. Rather it indicates any method of execution which makes the body stiffened or hardened (as any movement would cause excruciating pain) and results in leaking of bodily fluids. Therefore, crucifixion by impalement and other forms of crucifixion are included here without making any distinction between them.

In fact even the Romans did not always use a cross - IIRC they sometimes crucified people on a pole.

So you would really need to find out when people started doing this at all, by any means.

My gut feeling is that it would be impossible to find a good date. Even if we could discover the first time it was described in historical documents, it would not mean someone had not done it before that. I would think people have always employed whatever brutal and horrific ways of killing people they could come up with.

It is important to remember that there is more then one type of crucifixion and in Yusif 41 in the translation by Abdulla Yusf Ali the phrase used in Yusif 41 is "hang from the cross " this is a direct reference to cross crucifixion . Now the Code of Hammurabi was around 1700 BC mentionting crucifixion but it is not cross crucifixion .

The Quran is a book that was claimed to have been inspired by GOd . Looking at Yusif 41 and knowing where the story is from (Genesis 37-50) and then knowing the date of cross crucifixion ,and knowing it is in yusif 41 would make one think twice about the Quran being inspired by God. There is a reason why Gen 37-50 does not mention cross crucifixion : it did not exist . Darius 1st of the Persians introduced cross crucifixion

Peace and blessings Ahimsa,
I have often wondered this.
The link looks sound and appears thorough, not that i am a scholar at all.
I praise and thank G-d for your post.
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