Children at risk of sexual exploitation in EU

While there is not a serious and meaningful law on immigration and integration, the ones who will be winners will be the traffickers

The innocent are always the victims who pay the highest price, whether it be as a result of acts of terrorism, fiscal policies or inadequate legislation. In this case, Europe’s xenophobic stance against immigrants (which it needs anyway to shore up its ailing social security systems), too visible in France where interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy referred to immigrants as “scum” gives a huge operating space to traffickers - because immigrants will come in, if not legally then illegally.

I assume you know little of the immigration problem in Mainland Europe, then?

Muslims - Turks, Morroccans, Algerians etc… Who are there legally band together, form groups, and refuse to integrate. They cause a lot of social problems. They intimidate the natives… I’ll tell you, in South Germany I came accross a highly organised (though they all are, surprisingly enough) group of Turks - Well, actually, it was just one at the start. That one makes a phonecall, and within fifteen minutes, if you haven’t run away, you’re in trouble. :rolleyes:

Remember the Muslim who killed Van Gough in Hollland? They have a massive Morroccan population. France has the largest, five million.

These are the legal immigrants, and what of the illegal? Well, it’s fairly hard to stop it. In Spanish African territories, (E.g. Ceuta, I believe), they have erected about two metre or so tall fences to keep them out - Why? Because as soon as they get in, they have legal right to a hearing, and if they get legal status, they can move freely throughout twenty five European countries.

I laugh at the Dutch, though. Pro homosexual, pro abortion and pro euthinasia - Yet about 85% of Dutch are anti immigration - Get rid of immigration for them, their country will crumble. The native Dutch have a birthrate deficit, and they still love to kill one another in a so called “Civilised” manner, and wed homosexuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I love immigrants and foreigners - I get on very well with all, no matter what country, religion etc… But I firmly believe in much tighter control, we cannot allow what has happened to Germany, France and the BeNeLux countries to happen to Ireland - But Ireland’s lucky, the largest groups we had were over taken by the Eastern Europeans. We have 27,500 Muslim immigrants, within one year of englargement (Overseen by the Irish Presidency of the EU), we had 30,000 Poles, this is excluding all nine other countries, of course. Though the main “Bulk” came from the Czech Republic and Poland. The thing is, Ireland requires 70,000 people a year (More than our 60,000 new births per year) to sustain our economy at its current growth rate - And we have one of the youngest average age in Europe (Average about 29, last I heard). Illegal immigration is low in Ireland because of our location, though we still have it - My father, as a barrister (Lawyer, who speaks in court) often defends the illegal immigrants.

In conclusion, immigration is good, we need it, and Multiculturalism has its benifits (But some downsides, as there is with everything) - But it’s only good when regulated, leave it to go like Germany etc… Whereby they refuse to integrate, you have large problems, and then you have the problem of illegal immigration. You cannot brand us as “Xenophobic” unless you experience it yourself, the groups of Turks, who intimidate you because they refuse to integrate. We need better regulation.