Christian Books that should be movies

What Christian books, never made into movies, would you want made into movies?

I would nominate the 1940s Space Trilogy of C. S. Lewis. “Out of the Silent Planet”,
“Perelandra”, and “That Hideous Strength”.
These books have power messages, and interesting plots. I’m guessing movie people would say only the third would have the action “necessary” for a film.

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I agree, I always thought the Space Trilogy should be made into a movie.
I’m just wondering now, though, if they would have to move Perelandra and Malacandra out of the solar system considering Mars and Venus (and the Moon) don’t support life as Lewis supposed when he wrote the books.
They might have to be moved into a different solar system. Maybe Alpha Centauri?
Tau Ceti?

Amazing! When I read the title of the thread, I knew I’d be the first to nominate the Space Trilogy. I’m the 3rd poster, and both above me nominated them already. :cry:

IMO the best of the 3 books is Perelandra. But it’s probably the hardest to make because of the setting.


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