Confirmation Dress Colors?

I’m pretty confused what colors to wear. The paper they gave us didn’t specify the colors. It just said nothing low cut, backless, sleevless, or anything above two inches below the knee.

Any color suggestions? :slight_smile:

Our confirmation candidates wear gowns so it really doesn’t matter what color they are. I remember in elementary school when I received they asked us to wear pastel colors as dark colors would show through the gowns.

Red is the color of Confirmation :slight_smile:

At the parish where I grew up, all the girls being confirmed were required to wear white dresses so we would match the First Communicants in the annual showy procession. I had opted out of being confirmed due to personal doubts, but was still required to purchase and wear the white dress so as not to leave a gap in the procession. :rolleyes:

Several years later I was confirmed by our cardinal at the archdiocesan cathedral. Sunday best was the standard of dress on that day, so I wore a skirt and fancy sweater set in summery pastel colors and was not out of place. My current parish has the same Sunday best policy, so at confirmation Masses I see girls wearing everything from dresses to skirts and blouses to pantsuits, and there doesn’t seem to be a standard color. Red is the color of the Holy Spirit, and as such would be especially appropriate.

If in doubt, ask! Whoever is in charge, or the priest, should know what the tradition is at your parish.

The first time around I wore white with a gold veil. This was standard and required of all girls.

When I was confirmed through RCIA, we were able to wear anything as long as it was appropriate. So I wore a black and white dress.

The priest will know what is tradition at your particular parish though.

While red is the traditional color, if you are wearing gowns, I would go with whatever will not show.
When my little sis was confirmed, however, some of the girls had formals sticking out from under their gowns.

This is not the reason white is considered a traditional color to wear for confirmation, at least not directly. White clothing worn by both confirmands and first communicants is symbolic of the white garment of baptism, as all these are Sacraments of Initiation. Matching processions, while often beautiful and dignified, are a secondary consideration.

White is traditional to show the connection to Baptism. I witnessed a confirmation ceremony this past Saturday at my church, and there were two girls who wore very pretty white dresses with red bows in their hair. One of them also had a red sash around her waist, tied in a big bow in the back. I thought that was SO pretty! The other girls in the ceremony didn’t appear to give much attention to the color of their dress except one of the sponsors who wore a red dress.

My dad told me when we was confirmed in the 1950’s they all wore white, the boys wore white suits, the girls wore white gowns.

The color red signifies the Holy Spirit, which is often represented as fire.

Originally posted byTHutch04:
The first time around I wore white with a gold veil. This was standard and required of all girls.

When I was confirmed through RCIA, we were able to wear anything as long as it was appropriate. So I wore a black and white dress.

What does this mean? Confirmation can only be received one time. No exceptions. It is amazing to me that you were allowed to be a part of this ceremony through your RCIA as you indicated you were already confirmed “the first time around”. Confirmation records are kept in the church of your baptism. Baptismal certificates (recently issued) must be presented before admission to Confirmation or before a Catholic marriage for that matter.

Somebody slipped up somewhere.

Unlessssssssssssss…It was a protestant confirmation, say oh Anglican, or Lutheran, or Methodist, or old-order Catholic- in which case, it was not a sacrament because these churches do not have apostolic succession. Protestants do not recognize Confirmation as a sacrament the way we do.

I wore a pretty pink Easter suit- my first, very mod cut, floral pattern, under my white robe with red cape, and red beanie with a big fluffy white ball on it.

My daughter wore a pink suit as well. My goddaughter wore a pretty print dress, after dragging her mother and me to every store, where we told her she could not wear a dress that was too tight, too “busty” too low cut, too short, and too clingy.

Use your own good judgement and that of the rule-makers.

For our parish there is no recomended color to wear, but they are WARNED ahead of time that our bishop is extremely generous with the oil, so the kids are strongly advised not to wear any complicated hair-do’s. Straight pulled back is a good choice. I have seen this first hand and that man is determined to make sure you know you’ve been annointed. I would advise against makeup either, as he uses both hands, and smears the stuff on your head, your cheeks, your neck. There was audable gasping from the congregation at the last confirmation when the last kid knelt down and the bishop took all the remaining oil and literally dumped it over this kid’s head and smeared it in good. Best advice- talk to the people in charge.

hi i am 20 and had to wear all white for my confirmation at 16.our parrish is strict and has requirements for first holy communion and confirmation.for first holy communion the girls have to wear the communion dress,veil,gloves,tights and symbolize our purity of baptism we have to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under the tights.for confirmation we had to wear a floor length white dress,veil,gloves,shoes and tights with the diaper and plastic pants under them.our parrish highly stresses purity and innocence so they require the infant type underwear for the girls.

Is this a joke? :confused:

If true, your parish is putting too much stock in the externals.

Someone is a control freak.

Norm for both is just a white garment.

You didn’t grow up in this parish. I did. Too much was done for show in the 8 years that I was there for me to believe that the white dresses were not required for that reason. Note that I had to buy the dress and participate in the processional even though I had not been confirmed myself. This was to present a unified image.

if it did not specify, then any flattering color or print is fine, I would stay away from black or red, esp. if style is glaringly sexy, even if it does not bare a lot. if you are wearing robes white or pastel is best because bold colors show through

modesty is the key, and most of us would be so thrilled not to flash bishop with an endless row of female decolltage that we would be happy with any color

Gee, when I saw the post the first color I though of was red. The color of Pentecost.

If I were the Catholic czar, the candidates would be in red (boys) and white (girls) gowns.

that would be great but around here, at least where these girls shop, there is no such thing as a modest red dress.

Then I’m with the white dress with red flowers (hair or corsage), waist or hair bows, clips, crowd :slight_smile: