Ok, so I posted this a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m getting anxious.
I went thru the RCIA last year but wasn’t confirmed b/c of my annulment (got engaged last year). So, now I have the annulment, but I heard I may have to wait until Easter Vigil to be confirmed when initially they told me I could get confirmed as soon as the annulment went thru.
I looked it up in the catechism, and there is nothing that says you must wait.
The thing is I want to go thru the engagement process as a Catholic and preparation as a Catholic, but if I have to wait until Easter, then I have to prepare as a non-Catholic, which is different and requires extra prep.
Does anyone have info on this? And can a deacon confirm someone? I was baptized already in a Protestant church.


Have you talked with your pastor?

Saying “I heard” that I may have to wait doesn’t mean much. Who did you hear it from? Was it someone with both the knowledge and authority to make that decision?

Candidates are not required to come into the Church at the Easter Vigil. In fact, in my archdiocese the Cardinal specifically gave instructions that they are NOT to be received at the Easter Vigil so that there is no confusion with catechumens being baptized.

No, deacons cannot confirm. From canon law:

Can. 882 The ordinary minister of confirmation is a bishop; a presbyter provided with this faculty in virtue of universal law or the special grant of the competent authority also confers this sacrament validly.

Can. 883 The following possess the faculty of administering confirmation by the law itself:

2/ as regards the person in question, the presbyter who by virtue of office or mandate of the diocesan bishop baptizes one who is no longer an infant or admits one already baptized into the full communion of the Catholic Church;

I spoke with our parochial vicar, and he was going to ask our monsignor. That is who I heard it from. I also heard it from our RCIA director, who initially told me that I could be initiated after the annulment so I was confused on the sudden uncertainty.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully, I can be confirmed soon!

First, no a Deacon cannot Confirm. A Priest can only Confirm with the permission of the Bishop. (except in an emergency or at the same time he Baptizes an adult)

So to answer your question. You can be received into the Catholic Chruch and receive Confirmation at any time, but it is up to the Bishop. I would make an appointment with the pastor and explain that you would like to be Confirmed during the Christmas season.

I received a message from the parochial priest who said the monsignor said I can be confirmed but he doesn’t want to do this until I go through the premarital counselling that is part of my prohibition. I don’t understand. There is nothing in the catechism that says I have to wait until the prohibition is lifted. I’m really upset. Why would he make me wait when the only obstacle has been resolved??

Why don’t you ask the monsignor?

You won’t find the guidelines for this type of situation in the catechism. The catechism isn’t designed to cover every aspect of the faith. It’s up to the Bishop.

I actually think it’s a good thing that they are waiting for your prohibition to be lifted. They are protecting you and they are protecting marriage.
What would you do if you are brought into the church then go for counseling and they tell you they think you should wait longer before marriage? It might cause a strain for your faith as a new catholic. So it is best to take care of this now.

please meet with your pastor immediately, and make sure he confers with whoever you have been working with on RCIA, the annulment, and marriage prep, so he has the full story. There is no reason to wait until Easter to be confirmed, if you are already baptized. There is no reason to take the class again if you already finished it. Please lay out the whole situation for the pastor. You won’t find this in the catechism, because it is a matter of canon law, not doctrine. The pastor has to explain what pertains to your specific case, not talk in generalities, which is all we do here on the forums. yes if your annulment was issued with a prohibition (which is I assume what you refer to) this must be part of your marriage preparation. It is up to the bishop when you will be confirmed, if he retains that right to himself, or if there is a good reason he can give that faculty to your pastor. But it need not delay your wedding.

I don’t know what “probation” they are talking about, is it something attached to the Annulment or something they are just making up? You always have the option to ask to speak with the pastor himself or directly with the Bishop.

A Prohibition would only apply to the Sacrament of Marriage, not to any other Sacraments.

I think the fact that she is engaged now is part of the issue plus we don’t know what exactly is the prohibition or what it entails, how it is interpreted pastorally . It is obviously more than the typical pre marital counseling /Pre Cana that is being called for here. There could very well be reason to have this counseling done now if there is the possibility of delaying the wedding. As I said before it could cause a challenge to a new convert’s faith to have the wedding postponed or delayed etc due to issues that they would not have as a protestant or other faith.

I totally disagree with you, seatuck. If anything, this has made me question this church and the people who are leading it. I spoke with someone from the Tribunal, and he said I am allowed to be confirmed now. He said if we were already married, we couldn’t take the sacraments, but since we’re not and we don’t live together and that I now have my annulment, I should be able to received into the Church.
I don’t know whyt this priest doesn’t want to confirm me, but it’s quite obvious that he doesn’t care one bit about doing what is right, receiving my stewardship, and receiving my talents and other contributions. It is a shame, and I truly believe this is why so many people either leave or don’t want to be there.
And as far as the prohibition goes, it is only a session to make sure I’m not entering into this marriage with the same mindset as the first one, which I am not.
This hasn’t done anything to my faith in the Lord. This is only affecting my faith in the people in charge of this Church.
I’m so glad Jesus never treated people like this when He was on this earth. He took people just as they were, no strings attached!

I find this very confusing.

Are you receiving (?) if so when did that start?

When did you apply for marriage prep? (before annulment ?)

Your RCIA experience was to help you understand the Church. RCIA is not a marriage related issue. So it generally sounds as though there are 4 sacraments in play ( Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, and Marriage). My guess is they are concerned about allowing all 4 sacraments in a very short time and are asking you to discern?

Although the diocesan Tribunal representative has said you may now be confirmed, it is not his responsibility to make sure you’re ready to be confirmed, it’s your pastor’s. The pastor of a parish who has the final say, and he has the responsibility to ensure that you are ready. For whatever reason(s), which you must respect, he wants you to fulfill the requirements of the annulment prohibition first. So why are you resisting meeting with your pastor for this pre-marital counseling? Why have you allowed your disappointment about not being confirmed immediately to escalate to the point you’re so easily-angered and judgemental? Meet with him.

I agree with quiet 52. Part of coming into full communion with the Church is accepting her authority. Sometimes decisions are made taht we don’t like but as Catholics we still accept them. If you truly feel you are being wronged you do have the right to go to the Bishop personally. Even to Rome if you feel it’s necessary. I would meet with your pastor and talk with him though.