Conn. bishops call for constitutional convention to reverse same-sex marriage decision (CNA)

Hartford, Oct 10, 2008 / 04:25 pm (CNA).- The Supreme Court of Connecticut, in a 4 to 3 decision, ruled on Friday that homosexual couples have the right to marry. In response, the Connecticut Catholic Conference said the decision creates an ?inevitable conflict between people of faith, the natural law and the authority of the State? and called for a Constitutional Convention to overturn the decision.

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Good grief, here we go again. :shrug: :rolleyes:

There is nothing to see here, there are much better places to spend all this time energy and money. :shrug:

By doing this the bishops only continue to alienate themselves to much of the world around them.

The bishops mean well, and their cause is great, but it’s a totally uphill battle. The Catholic Church does not have a whole lot of power in neither Connecticut nor any other state… It’s going to take secular authorities with powerful arguments in front of the secular legislature to reverse this decision. I agree with the previous poster… although I don’t think the bishops are necessarily “alienating” themselves because they are presenting a moral case that all Catholics should be supporting, they are wasting their time in trying to exercise authority over secular matters.

I see… so the Bishop who is the responsible for the souls of his flock wants to actually be a shepherd and you say good grief? We need more Bishops who will stand up publicly and fight for what Holy Mother Church believes. I applaud the Bishop actions.

Yes, of course… but I think the overall point is that they bishops are not going to be able to sway the secular decision. Sure, they can rally Catholics and persuade them to protest the decision, but when you consider the fact that our legislatures really don’t care what common people think anymore (think back to how the same-sex unions issue was handled in California), it’s still not going to get anything done.

The bishops can protest and get the people to protest with them, but ultimately it will do nothing.

I wonder if they know what power a constitutional convention would have? That would be an opportunity to rework everything in the constitution. This would be very dangerous and an opportunity to deny rights to a wide variety of groups. Once a convention were constituted, there would be no limit on what it could do. This has never been done. The Constitution has been amended, but I think that is as far as it should go.

I believe the bishops are calling for a STATE Constitutional convention. That is the fastest way to modify that State’s constitution.

And, in Connecticut, any changes proposed by a Convention have to be approved by a vote by the people.

So we just give up if it is hard to do? I sure am grateful that Jesus did not take the easy way out.

Thank you God for sending your Son to save humanity.

There is no battle to even fight here, sadly. The bishops just absolutely have no clout. We can try to change that, but who’s going to listen? Remember… I’m 18 years old, I’m a freshman in college. I see anti-religious activism all the time. Practically no one listens to their bishops anymore that are around my age except for the people in my university’s Newman Club. The bishops’ word is just going to become less and less influential as generations move on… sure, we can try to keep the words of influential bishops strong in our defense of things such as the definition of marriage, but it seems to be embarking on the same path the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s did… one state at a time.

I guess my ultimate question is: Who is going to listen? I know that I will, but who else?