Consume host first?

I am a new catholic, and I’m having trouble even figuring out how to word this question! After receiving the host do you need to swallow it before receiving the precious blood? There is usually such a short line at our new parish–at the parish I went through RCIA this was never a question because there was a long line. I find myself nervous and distracted by this question in line for communion. This must stop! I want to be focused on our lord and preparing to receiving him–not concerned about if I’m doing it “right” or not. I find myself not receiving the precious blood too often, but not because I don’t want to.

Does anyone know if there is a rule about whether or not to completely consume the host first or not?

Thank you!

Dont worry if the Host has been swallowed or not it makes NO differece whatsoever!! :slight_smile:

As ciero said, you don’t have to consume the host completely before receiving from the cup. I find the precious blood helpful in consuming the host because I tend to have a rather dry mouth. :wink:

Please don’t sweat the small stuff like this or you will end up being overly scrupulous. Jesus wants you to remember his love and mercy, which is why he gave us the sacraments, more than worry about such technicalities.

Besides, if you have any more such questions or doubts about what you are doing “right” just ask a long time Catholic in good standing or your priest. Either one will tell you it’s your intentions that matter most to God not being absolutely correct about such things.

+1, especially the parts about dry mouth and not sweating the small stuff.


Don’t forget also, it’s completely OK to CHEW - we were not taught this 40 years ago, but now the Priests teach the kids to chew as it is FOOD - EAT my body and DRINK my blood.