Conversion ... *Your way, our God*

Our God, all goodness comes from You, and therefore all holiness and divine union be received and sustained only by Your gift.

As I can never earn these gifts, then any ‘merit’ is part of Your own holiness, therefore, so that no moment of my life is wasted in sin or emptiness, please make me holy now, a channel of grace to others and a delight to Yourself! That You have not hastened to grant this prayer is reminder that You are eternal, almighty God who creates in gradual progression, but how thankful would I be if You miraculously granted me instant conversion and holiness!

Our God, why not? Yet who can demand this of One whose love, in gentle progression, moulds His masterpieces, no one like any other? What are centuries to You, great God! Yet You also hold each creature in profound love that touches and moves each instant of life!

You seek the cooperation of each human awareness, respecting the freedom with which You endowed it. Therefore, grant me to submit to the quiet evolution of sanctity in my life, for the sake of Your glory in my redeemed frailty.

Thank You for the exalted wisdom of Your love, which does not hasten to transform souls on demand, nor does it coerce the unwilling person. Like the greatest silversmith, Your love delicately and lovingly forms each tiny second and each unique shape of holiness and wholeness in the individual lives of Your creatures.

Therein, it appears, lies Your glory in us—in our prayerful obedience to the fire of love and to the sharp tools of tribulation and struggle. So God please grant me patience and faith to await Your fashioning unto eternal communion and completion.

Nevertheless, God, if anything or anyone can persuade You to purify and sanctify all within and through my life from this instant, please let it be so! If not for me, please grant it to my dear ones, or to some other soul dear to You. 1981


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