Cross Placement


I am just wondering, if I were to purchase a cross to place by my doorway, are there rules on where to put it to protect my house? Also, do I need to have my cross blessed? I have noticed an unwanted presence in my house/life and I would like to know how to get rid of it and keep it gone. I would especially like to know that my kids are safe from harm in this situation! I’m actually no religion so I am turning to the religion that has acknowledged evil spirits and getting rid of them. Can someone please help me?

Thank you!!!:slight_smile:

Most religions acknowledge that there is evil spirits—Catholicism is not special in this case. The Catholic Church’s blessing of religious articles is a* prayer* of faith bestowed on the article that *as you use *the article (crucifix in this case) you are remembering the Passion, Death, and Ressurrection of of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and calling to mind your faith in Him—So the blessing doesn’t make the sacramental “magical”—you must posess this faith and commitment to Christ. That Faith will protect you and your family from evil.

You can put your sacramentals where you like. over a doorway or in bedrooms—whereever you can see it, and remember your faith in Jesus Christ.

In your heart and in the hearts of your children.

If you have an “unwanted presence” in your house call an exterminator or a priest, depending on the nature of the beast. don’t use holy things and sacramentals as good luck charms and magic talismans and spells. that is superstition, not religion.

Good point to both of you, although I was hoping putting a cross over or beside my front door may solve my problem, I can see that my lack of faith only makes a cross a “charm” and therefore not as effective and perhaps in your eyes and maybe even in God’s sac-religious. Apparently I should just call a priest as was my original plan that I chickened out of.

May God’s peace, love and mercy be with you all!

Be not afraid. Call the nearest Catholic Church and ask the priest to bless your home including the crucifixes that you buy. The priest will be more than happy to do so. Just ask the parish office if you have to give any stipend when you have the house blessing done.

You can also go to the Catholic Church and attend holy mass. Our Good Lord Jesus, God Himself, is present there, without a shadow of a doubt. Pray to Him, talk to Him from your heart and ask for His help, to make His presence known to you in your life. He surely will not let you down. The name of Jesus is so powerful, it causes Hell to tremble. Ask His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, to also help and protect you and your loved ones. Being the Mother of Jesus, the evil spirits flee her presence. Even if you have never been to mass or to any Catholic Church and you don’t know what to do, it is ok. God understands and is very much pleased just for you being there. Everybody is welcome to any Catholic Church. And while you are there, you can have your crucifixes blessed after mass. Just approach the priest. You might as well introduce yourself and tell him about the problem that you are having.

Occult practices, use of ouija board, spiritism etc. draws evil. So they all need to be rejected. We need to turn instead to Our Good Lord Jesus and have Him fill our souls with His love and mercy. Cling only to Jesus and never cease to trust in Him.

We are praying for you and your loved ones. We ask Our Good Lord Jesus to cast out all evil and unclean spirits in your home. We entrust you and your loved ones to Our Blessed Mother and ask her help and protection with St. Michael the Archangel, all the angels and saints.

God be with you and your loved ones always, now and forever!

Blessed be Jesus and Mary!

Priests get calls regularly about what you are experiencing so don’t feel silly or anxious about calling the Priest. Just call him up.

If a person should have a little faith, then a little faith can move mountains. You obviously have faith, so I wouldn’t tell you not to purchase a Crucifix. You are free to purchase one if you desire to.

I know people who are not Catholic who have a Crucifix in their home and certainly do not use it like ‘magic’ but believe in Jesus.

No-one can believe in the power of the Cross and not recognise the power of the One Who died upon it, Christ Jesus. Stands to reason.:slight_smile: Ask the Priest where to hang the Crucifix and ask him any other questions you would like to ask.

If you have any items in your home that are occult, remove them. Occult items are things such as tarot cards, occult images, ouija boards, rune stones, new age crystals etc

I hope you get in touch with a Priest and I hope you purchase a Crucifix. I hope you come to know Jesus more and more and I hope for all good things for you.:slight_smile:

In the Living Prayer of my life

Yes! Put the cross up – wherever you can see it! It’s a sin to believe a “thing” has magical power – but sacramentals (rituals, gestures, sacred objects) HELP us! They are visible reminders of our faith. I wish that I was smart enough to have my crucifix hanging on my living room wall longer than just these two years. This artist’s rendering of Jesus on the cross serves as a visible reminder that I am a person of faith – it helps me to remember my faith – and who I am trying to follow – and I have prayed countless times because of it. I would have sinned much more than I do without this reminder. It helps me to be holier, to remember that Jesus loves me, and that I love Him.

I speak to you as a person who also has dealt with a haunting. You should call a Priest especially because you lack the key ingrediant to spiritual warfare which is faith.

But I have something interesting to point out. You are already aware that somehow a crucifix has power and so does the Priest. :thumbsup: Other posters have adequately explained why and how to you already. But I think something in your heart, a flicker of faith maybe, is telling you there might be something to this whole religion thing.

Keep that in mind as you pursue this haunting. Once you take care of it you will need to call on faith to keep it away for good.

Also, the other posters are right, you need to make sure that all Ouigi boards and occult type items are out of the house or you’ll get no where. I ended up even throwing out Harry Potter books when I went through this. I can’t tell you why those things are bad, they just are. You’ll see.

Good luck and God bless!

Dear retch2k,

As the posters here have mentioned, it is best not to take symbols superstitiously. Symbols have power because of the reality they represent.

My real question is this: if you believe in the power of the symbol of the cross, then do you also believe in power of the reality of the cross? By this I mean, do you believe the sacrifice of Jesus has real power in that it moves God to mercy towards us.

Because if you believe that then you have the whole gig figured out. The best ‘cross’ is sanctity. The best shield is one’s baptismal seal. I say this with no prejudice to you-- I don’t think that you’re an automatic target because you aren’t Christian, but I do think that Christians have a certain special protection because they participate in the victory over Satan which Jesus won.

If you’re going to get the cross or crucifix blessed because you believe in the real power of that which it symbolizes, then I definitely recommend that you get one and get it blessed (even if you don’t accept all the Christian beliefs). But if you’re going to view it as a superstitious item-- as magical-- then I recommend that you don’t.

In the meantime, please take the time to pray to God and ask Him for that very protection which you seek. Cultivate a relationship with God, even if you can’t be in a religious tradition.

I was reading a passage out of the prophet Jeremiah which I think is illuminating. God is condemning the Israelites through Jeremiah because they have forsaken him for foreign powers and idols. He says:

They who say to a piece of wood, “You are my father,” and to a stone, “You gave me birth.” They turn to me their backs, not their faces; yet, in their time of trouble they cry out, “Rise up and save us!” (Jer 2:27)

I think this is a peculiar situation which most of us have found ourselves in at some time or another. I’m not any different. We don’t have any relationship with God and we live our lives in a way indifferent, and even antagonistic to him. But, when trouble comes and we need His help we run back to Him like children. “Rise up and save us!”

I’m not trying to accuse you by this; I found this illuminating as to how I act. I think it reasonable to believe that we can’t expect God to work things out for us exactly how we like if we refuse to enter into a loving relationship with Him.

So I definitely recommend prayer as your first resort.


Why are you all presuming this person has no faith.

This person has faith in the One on the Cross, they are just not Catholic.

All of us can say ‘Lord I believe, help my unbelief’

If we wait until we have perfect faith, that does not lack, to buy a Crucifix then no-one would possess one, yes even the Church would be bare of the Crucifix.

Buy your Crucifix Original Poster and find a Priest to help you and I hope for all good things for you.

In the Living Prayer of my life

It may have seemed as if I presumed that the person has “no faith” in Jesus, but I actually did not. since the person said they were no religion, I only told them* how *the sacramentals were used—to inform the person. It is difficult to decide what a person is thinking or feeling when on-line, but I for one did not assume anything. having informed the person, I then told her where she could place the cross, as in her question. She decides whether she has faith or not.

Hi it would be worth your realising that Satan cannot read our minds it’s works mainly are covert, however it (satan) can read your writing and if at any time you have spoken to of writen to any person about htis then from that point on you might be pestered becose of your bringing the point to others. Satan could also come from anything left from past actions (murder, war, other, much earlier on on the ground. All that the others hav writen make much sence that Jesus is NOT a comodity to be brought out at a time that suites the person. we cannot enjoy the ride while it suites then disgard latter. As with life all is matter of choice and God’s choosing.

I agree that-- for the purposes of whether this person should get a blessed cross-- it is irrelevant whether she is Catholic. What matters is whether or not she believes in the power of what the Cross symbolizes. And I’m not sure about that, I think that’s ambiguous from the topic.

Perhaps I assumed that she didn’t cultivate a relationship with God-- my apologies Rachel! I more meant to suggest that the best way to have God’s protection is to be His friend. I shouldn’t have even come close to suggesting something that I cannot know, and which I should not judge.


Not one person started off in faith embracing everything and doing a top and marvellous job. Every person started out weak and with no depth of knowledge and for those who have grown in faith a little by God’s grace and now know they need to be faithful in all matters of faith in good and bad times, then as that applies to myself, as I am only little way on, then I might like to exercise a little mercy and kindness to my brothers and sisters who are beginning.

Because truly all of us are very weak indeed, even those who think they are making great progress and what we resolve to do today we find we are not doing it by evening this is what St Paul speaks of.

God does not quench the smouldering wick.

As for satan I have no interest in him and again, if a soul was to be discouraged from God by myself who possess faith then it would be the case that satan would not need to do any of his evil works at all for I would have done it for him. That is why I have acted as I have because I could not bear to quench the smouldering wick.

God works in mysterious ways and can bring a soul to Him by many paths.

St Therese prayed for a man very lost and about to die to kiss the Cross of Jesus and so duly that Cross was placed in his hands as he requested by God’s grace and he returned to God.

I hope you come to all things good Original Poster and I hope you get your Crucifix and I hope you see your Priest and I hope you become one of the greatest Saints in Heaven because God exalts the lowly and casts down those who exalt themselves.

In the Living Prayer of my life

Prayer is your best weapon.

Rachel, as you mentioned you will call your Priest, please do. Hauntings usually start with a feeling as you describe. If your Priest doesn’t take you seriously, call a local convent, monastary, or the dioese office.

I will pray for you.

I agree Blessedstar and know the situation of the man about to die.
Here I hope the situation is not that way, but that God may be speaking to the person about the cross as a point of asking her to come, give Jesus a chance to show her the truth that the Cross of Jesus has much power and that Jesus is Lord of all well worth taking a chance with. Accepting our humanness in all our wretchedness unable to love completly unless God be the center of our lives.
Having a cross for this use, well you must have some belief otherwise you would not have chosen to relate to your needs this way. Ican only suggest to put the cross up and ask Jesus to do whatever He would want for your family, there giving it over to His will.