Crucifix above doors

i noticed in many home there are a crucifix or cross above the front door, what does that symbolize?

That all who enter and leave are dedicated to loving and serving HIM who died on the cross for us…and that the home/office/building etc is equally dedicated to His worship and under His protection.

It is a symbol, a beautiful piece of artwork, that shows a Catholic Christian’s love for the ultimate act of love shown to us by our Creator, the Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ.

Nicely stated.

I have never seen this:confused: are they hung outside above the frontdoor or inside above the frontdoor?

I have mine on all of our outside doors. Outside…to the top and located at the corner which opens. :slight_smile:

Ok…so this is kinda like the thing (dont know what they are called sorry) the Jews hang in doorways…???
These are not big crucifixs are they?

No, very small ones…about 2 or 3 inches. And yes, we think of it as “The Blood of the Lamb” on the doorposts, which Jews used in the OT bible.

OK I wonder why I do not see this often …Where is this a big thing…as I have never seen it on the East Coast.

I have a small crucifix not on my door but just under a hook I have for people too leave me messages. It’s a small metal crucifix that I got in the mail.

I have one on my wall. as soon as you open the door, you walk in
and see it :slight_smile: I want one on the outside of my door, but Iam kind of
afraid the downstairs neighbours or their company will steal it. If
I had my own property, I would have the Holy Family outside my
house on the lawn under a gazebo. That would be really lovely!
I love the large statues of the Blessed Virgin I see outside on
some peoples lawns. A nice large crucifix on my front door would
be nice, but alas, I have questionable neighbours :frowning:

That is what I am familiar with…the crucifix inside the house in sight of the front door.

I don’t know. It’s pretty common in my family, so I suppose it’s cultural.

In my family, we never had one over our door, but we do have one in each of our bedrooms. I believe it is cultural.

I have placed small blessed crucifixes on both the outside and inside of my front and back doors. I read that it affords one God’s blessing and protection just like the Blood of the Lamb mark the Jews placed on their doors. Its a witness to my faith and I believe a protection from both spiritual and physical, human evil. I’m glad to hear others do this as well.

Paint a small one on your door. You can always paint over it when you move.

Same here :slight_smile: