Crystals and Catholics

I have done quite a bit of research on the teachings of crystals in the Catholic faith, and there are so many conflicting views. Many people refer to crystals and crystal healing as new age, while others consider them beautiful creations of God. But I have a question that I cannot find an answer to and was hoping for some help. Here’s some background to help you understand where I’m coming from:
I am a college student living on campus in a difficult roommate situation. My roommate has very strong emotions and is often anxious, upset, or nervous, and as a result, I have begun having severe anxiety attacks while in the room with her, and my mood starts to reflect hers. I mentioned this to my doctor (naturopathic) and she immediately recommended a tigers iron stone to be kept on me at all times to help “block” the flood of emotions I’m feeling from my roommate. I have always considered myself sensitive to the emotions of those around me, so I went out a bought one after doing research on healing crystals. Everywhere I read said something about cleansing the crystals in water before using them to remove any negative energy they might have collected. To me, as a Catholic, this seemed a bit off. I understood the bit about water, since Catholics are baptized with water to “wash away” our original sin, but the energy thing sounded very new age. So I began to do more research on the churches view of crystal healing. Many websites said that it was bad, as the crystals are used for new age things, but I’m not worshipping the crystals or believing that they are magical, so I figured that that didn’t apply to me. Then, I came across something that said that the Bishop wears an amethyst ring on his finger to keep him spiritually grounded and calm. Something else I found was that the New Jerusalem will be built out of 12 layers of precious stones, and all of them were chosen for their calming, grounding, and spiritual properties. This intrigued me, especially when a Catholic shared her views on the crystals, saying that they were made by God, and as a form of nature, can be used for healing with the properties that He made them with, for the reasons He made them for. I feel like it is the same with natural medicine, we are taking the things that God has made and using them for the properties He has made them with. So I ran the crystal under running water and prayed over it, asking God to remove any evil that was attached to the stone, and I asked that it may be used for the purpose that He made it for. I’m sorry it took so long to get to the point of this, but my question is, am I wrong in using the crystals and believing in what I believe?


Believing that crystals can give you some spiritual help is considered New Age, and I strongly encourage you not to get involved with them. It is indeed a sin, as many will tell you here.

I think you need to see a different doctor who practices standard western medicine. What he/she recommended is definitely not good as it goes against what the Catholic Church teaches.

You may want to get a new room mate. Seeing a psychologist, going to Eucharistic Adoration, talking to your pastor on campus or nearby are some good ways to seek help, but don’t resort to using crystals, please, it is a sin.

God Bless You, my friend.

P.S. Here is one link to a women of grace article on the topic of crystals.

I’d recommend you’d trying using sacramentals for extra spiritual help- like blessed medals and Holy Water. You can read up on the church’s use and view of sacramentals. And by all means, try to pray more each day. At least 5 minutes per day if you don’t already.

You are an empath. Look it up. There are many ways to clear someone’s negative energy (no that is not new age it is a fact some people are positive people and some negative, think energy vampires!) Some people are more intuned to others feelings and can pick up on them. Intuitive it’s called. My youngest is very much so. There are many articles on what you can do to not pick up the vibes from her. Everything from your thoughts in imagery to salt baths. My MD is a devout Catholic but also a naturalpath, there is so much he has enlightened me about and the body, mind and soul. We have never used crystals though but I see no problem with carrying one with you after all it is created by God. You aren’t worshiping it! Say a little prayer for her and yourself every time you are in the room together, if your emotions are getting too intense for you leave and try to get outside and away from her as much as possible. Just when doing research you will want to be extra careful of what might be occult and what is natural your gut will tell you and some common sense I think.


Regarding Bishop X, he may indeed wear a ring, and it may be amethyst, but I certainly don’t hope he wears it for the reasons you mentioned. That is just here say, anyways. He did not tell that directly to you, did he? If he were wearing it for those reasons, then at the very least, I’d consider it misguided, and likely, worse.

Those crystals are not doing anything. If you feel any better, it can be explained by the placebo effect. You think the crystal is helping you, so you feel better. The mind is more powerful than any crystal. Talk to your regular doctor about your anxiety. He or she can refer you to a licensed therapist or counselor. It is called cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has been proven to work for most people to manage their anxiety.

There may be something to it, but I wouldn’t put all my faith in crystals. Still that’s very interesting about the Bishop, by the way what Bishop is that?

Like I said, I don’t worship the crystal, and I definately don’t believe that it has healing magic. I want to note that there are many people who wear saint medals or crosses in jewelery to protect them from evil. I think that wearing a cross or medal to protect you (and there are those who wear certain saint medals for different things) is the same as wearing a stone that has been prayed over, to protect you through the intercession of God.

The cross or medal is a sacramental with an image of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Blessed Mother or a saint or angel. It is then blessed with the prayer of the Church by a priest. Our faith is inspired by sacramentals. It is not the same as a stone - and stones are not blessed by a priest as sacramentals.

(although wedding rings are blessed, as they are a sign of the fidelity of the married couple.)

You might know the amethyst rings better as Ecclesiastical rings. The Bishops usually wear amethyst. Other members of the Church wear different stones, all of which are mentioned in the bible in the 12 stones of the New Jerusalem, and the 12 stones worn on the breastplates on the high priests.

nhamm10 - I think I might be an empath, or clairsentient, as I have heard it called, but many people have told me theres no such thing. Energy vampire is a term I have heard before, but I prefer to think of myself as an energy chameleon, because I tend to reflect the energy of the person through my personality when I am around them, it changes for each person. I did try to do research (I love reaserch, if you haven’t guessed already) on the churches view on clairsentients, but I can only find information on clairvoyance. And I’ve never been tested (can you test for empathy?) so I don’t know where I stand on that right now. But thank you for the info!

Keep in mind too, that the sacramental isn’t worn to protect the wearer from evil as if it were a talisman. It’s something to help us remember to pray, and ask our favorite saint to pray for us. In your situation I’d lean toward a Rosary. Find a pretty Rosary that you would be comfortable with and have your priest bless it. Then, when you are feeling that stress and anxiety come to you from your room mate simply hold it and quietly begin to pray. Sometimes simply starting a few Hail Mary’s can bring a beautiful sensation of peace and tranquility to me. I can almost feel the presence of the Blessed Virgin in the room with me. She understands so much of what we feel and struggle with. Pray for her help, she will help you.

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What about stones blessed by the priests? I know there are rosaries made of these stone, especially amethyst, to bring a sense of calm while people pray.

Crystals have no powers at all. They are simply stones. The New Age teaches that certain crystals have certain properties to promote healing and to do other things. This is all contrary to Church teaching. My own experience with crystals began at a small convention. Two women were selling various crystals. I asked what they were for and was told they had different properties and could create different effects. When I asked how this was possible, one woman replied: “Well, computer chips are made of crystals.” This was nonsense.

It is just another way to rely on something other than God to solve or help you with your problems, wants and needs. There is no evidence crystals can do anything in their natural state for anyone. It’s just a way to lead people away from God and to make money.


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There is no scientific evidence for this.


The Church does not teach this.


Amethysts have no special properties and such properties that are claimed are not supported by any Church teaching.


As a side note, I have nothing against crystals or any other rock or mineral for that matter. I think they’re quite beautiful creations by God’s design and have a piece of Calcite, which is a type of crystal, on my mantle, but I don’t believe it has any powers or is helpful other than it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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The reason that I went to this doctor was because standard western medicine was making me very sick. I was becoming easily fatigued, had several near fainting spells, couldn’t focus, especially while driving, and several intestinal troubles. Every time I went to my normal doctor, I was told there was nothing wrong, or I was put on medication for a “hunch”, and several of these medications gave me severe reactions. The naturopathic doctor found that my thyroid was not functioning properly, that I was very close to developing vitamin A toxicity, that I am deficient in several essential vitamins and minerals, and that I am anemic. Standard western medicine did not help me, and I’m not anxious to go back.

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Fair enough, I also have a thyroid problem that was diagnosed by my doctor. However, there are naturopaths who use herbal medicine and whatnot and there are some whose practice extends beyond what many Catholics would be comfortable with. In my view, a person just needs to be careful when seeing so-called “doctors” who do not practice standard medicine. I think the field of naturopathic medicine needs to be navigated carefully because fairly often it can extend into the spiritual domain.

Going to a better physician is one thing. People get second opinions all the time. Crystals don’t heal. God does. If you are catholicthisisnotthe way to go. Ed is correct. Stay away from this stuff.