Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition

Hi, I am not a catholic yet and i am going to buy a daily missal to help me out and wanted to know if can i use the Daily Roman Missal, Third Edition in the UK. I came across it on youtube, as i was searching on how to use one and wanted to get the same one incase i need to go back to the tutorial.

Many thanks in advance.

Yes, certainly. It’s a fine product. Very thoughtfully put together. Love the snippets of the Catechism before each Sunday’s readings. A tidbit of formation before each Sunday Mass.

Daily readings as well.

Great section on “how to be a better Catholic”.

Great collection of vocal prayers and other rich devotions too.

Latin equivalents too.

A fine, fine resource.

Put together/edited by Father Socias.

Different nations have different local calendars, which would present an occasional glitch if you are using the missal edition from another country. This would be most obvious in the Propers of Saints, as some of the saints’ feast days are celebrated on different days, depending on where you are located.

The Midwest Theologic Forum edition of the DRM 3rd edition is specific for dioceses of the United States. The UK most certainly has their own edition, and either your parish priest or your diocesan office of liturgy would be a good source for steering you in the right direction so that you spend your hard-earned money on an “investment level” book that is most accurate for your location.

This isn’t unique, by the way, to the most recent Mass revision. My Tridentine missal has sections for the dioceses of specific nations, and even specific dioceses within the United States.

All that being said, however, if you can afford it and want to treat yourself, your own personal copy of the current missal is really nice to own and use! I hope you enjoy whichever edition you purchase as much as I’m enjoying mine.

The UK doesn’t use the NAB New American Bible for the readings. The readings are from the Jerusalem Bible. I love my Catholic Truth Society Sunday Missal with the new translation of the Mass, but the readings are slightly different here in the US because we use the NAB. I got mine on Ebay and didn’t know there was a difference.

Good point, Cathryn, I’d forgotten about the different translations.

Thanks to you both for you help. I have bought the CTS version and shall take it to one of the church meetings and ask someone how to use it as I can’t find anything on the web.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

I finally bought the Daily Roman Missal published by Rev James Socius (newest edition), it is so beautiful I am afraid to mar it LOL but the pages are a bit hard to separate at times. I can remember being so adept with my St Joseph’s Daily Missal “back in the day”, but this is a struggle for me. If anyone out there has used it a lot or has a good source I would love to know. Am also listening to The Catholic company’s utube video.
I am not sure why but it is so nice to have a missal. It brings back nothing but beautiful memories.